Prey Day MOD APK 15.3.33 (Menu/Wall hack/Drone view)

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NamePrey Day APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Wall hack/Drone view
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Try to survive, fight to survive is what you need to do in Prey Day. Perform attacks, destroy the evil zombies. The zombie forces find a way to take your life, and they have never given up their intention to harm humans. Face a series of zombies, eliminate them from the world. Step into life with countless dangers, thoroughly destroy zombies. The world of fantasy apocalypse was terrifying, and now it will be evident in Prey Day. Accumulate experience as well as the courage to stand up to chase zombies out of the area.

Prey Day mod

Download Prey Day mod – Live or die before the onslaught of zombies

The choice to continue living or to end life will be the question we ask. And, of course, no one wants to choose death. Your fate will be decided by yourself. After the pandemic, it was the viruses that controlled the actions of those zombies. Acting unconsciously, aiming at people to harm. Consecutive life is a series of scary days, no different from the apocalypse. The whole world is counting on you, fighting all the zombies, and bringing peace to humanity. Destroy dangerous forces, protect your life and everyone else. It all depends on the player’s bravery and ability to fight. Getting a happy ending, returning to everyday life, no more threats.

Prey Day mod apk

Recreate the panic scene when there is a zombie appearance. Genetically modified viruses have made people live in fear. The game offers combat missions, survival against zombies. Combining strategic gameplay and shooting, advance to bloody battles. The common goal is to defeat zombies and stabilize life. Attractive game mode, bringing you to each different struggle. Fight and kill as many zombies as possible. Perform every action combined with brilliant strokes. When you eliminate all of them, you will be the winner.

Prey Day mod android

Join the team

Start the raid with a powerful army, attacking zombies in quick succession. You will work closely with your teammates, not letting the zombies rampage. Gather a large force, increasing the ability to fight with a large number of zombies. Unite and together control the moves of zombies. The strength of the whole team will also be the way to accomplish the goal. The stronger the army, the more zombies are no longer an obstacle. Implement strategies and combine a variety of fighting styles. Destroy the zombies, don’t give them a chance to survive.

Prey Day mod free

Beware of all enemies

Enemies have potent weapons, and they can attack you from behind. Therefore, in addition to the attack, defense is also very important. Look around and don’t let them stab you in the back. Beware of everything because only you can protect your life. The zombie force always has a great power that can take your life at any time. Control each direction, their movement on the areas. Destroy all enemies, ensure the safety of yourself and the survivors.

Prey Day mod download

Use combat skills

The tactics and skills in each fight are very important. That dramatically affects human survival. Use support weapons, powerful attacks on zombies. Craft and research more modern weapons. Creating traps to harm zombies is also a good strategy. It is the fighting styles and fighting techniques that will bring victory.

Fight on every location

Everywhere is surrounded by zombies. Streets, supermarkets, hospitals… are places where wars take place. Move to each area, killing zombies. Explore new locations, solve dangerous problems one by one. Also, collect valuable resources of zombies. Face the cruel zombies, show your strength through attacks. Accumulate more experience, combat skills through each battle. Ready to face the dangers, the boss of the evil, bloodthirsty monster. Conquer all challenges, master the actions. Download Prey Day mod scary post-apocalyptic world, get ready to face zombies and destroy them.

Download Prey Day MOD APK (Menu/Wall hack/Drone view) for Android

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