Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing MOD APK 3.6.5 (Unlimited money, Stamina)

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NamePunch Boxing Game: Kickboxing APK
PublisherFighting Arena
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Stamina
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing will help those who love action to live the most authentic feeling of a fighting sport. This boxing game is specially designed for the global kickboxing lover. Every time the shot is launched, you will be going through various emotions, from thrill and anxiety to satisfaction. The 3D graphics make the fighters very real to every muscle. At the same time, to highlight the fighting characteristics of boxing, the movements in Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing is also very smooth. This element gives players a feeling of 100% immersing in the character. Your task is to control the gladiators through all levels and touch the championship title.

Punch Boxing Game Kickboxing mod

Download Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing mod – Fight against prominent opponents

Do you want to start becoming a professional boxer right now? Who is the fighter you still admire in this world? At Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing, you have the opportunity to face a series of great opponents from many countries and regions. Be it Japan, Thailand, China, Singapore, or any other country. The boxing world has gathered here very crowded. Meeting big names helps stimulate your aggressiveness. Can you defeat the most famous boxers on the planet appearing at Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing? There are thousands of spectators cheering you on in the stands. So let’s perform well and have a good match for them.

Punch Boxing Game Kickboxing apk

The tournaments of Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing are often international because of the diversity of nationalities of the boxers. In general, depending on the culture and history of each region, they develop their strong stances. For example, Korea has taekwondo, Thailand has Muay Thai, and China has kung fu. Your opponents combine a variety of punching and kicking styles from the above disciplines in a kickboxing match. Most of them are traditional martial arts and have pretty strong attack power. In addition, the experience of these superstars has been accumulated for a long time. So they became more robust and braver. Standing in front of them, a kickboxing match uses strength and requires intelligence.

Punch Boxing Game Kickboxing mod apk

Mastery of attacks

To be able to K.O these illustrious opponents, master the necessary shots. In Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing, a few basic attacks have been designed for you to apply quickly. You can see this group of icons on the right side of the screen. It can be a straight punch, a high kick, a pillow or a neck clamp, a falling opponent to the floor… Tools are available, but how to use them to win depends on you. Learn how to read situations properly. Only then will you choose the appropriate punch to make the opponent stunned. At the same time, you must strike out continuously before the opponent has the opportunity to attack you again.

Punch Boxing Game Kickboxing android

Survive to unlock more levels

Survival is the only method that gives you a chance to unlock new levels. There, many new and highly effective ways of fighting will be added. So what to do to keep alive in Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing? With fierce kickboxing confrontations and violent attacks, you need to have quick dodging skills. Take advantage of the left rotation with up, down, left, and suitable icons to move freely. A few jumping, bending, and leaning movements can save you from the super dangerous hits of boxing stars. To minimize injury, be an intelligent fighter. If you are healthy and have energy, you will enter deeply into this competition.

Punch Boxing Game Kickboxing apk free

Become the ultimate warrior

Each leg of the journey has only one champion. Will you win in Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing? Usually, in each match, there will be three rounds. Whoever owns the almost overwhelming number of rounds will have the right to continue. The energy index of each person is also displayed and updated continuously. You rely on that and feel how far away victory is. Step by step, let’s K.O each boxing superstar in the ring in front of the cheering sounds of the fans. In addition, you have the right to choose your character at will. But even if you believe in putting any character in the ring, you need to ensure a professional warrior style for them. Unfortunately, the opponent can’t ridicule it.

An offline game with extreme action elements can keep you excited. In particular, in Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing, the encounter in the ring does not distinguish between men and women. Instead, it’s a chivalrous spirit full of openness. Coming to this game, you have various character choices and are free to decide how to attack your boxer. All acumen and wisdom will be used to win. Download now Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing mod and become a boxing champion.

Download Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing MOD APK (Unlimited money, Stamina) for Android

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