Punch Guys MOD APK 4.0.10 (God mode, onehit)

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NamePunch Guys APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode, onehit
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Sports is always a topic that is liked by most of the audience. Some sports have been dubbed king sports, such as football. However, the choice of what to play depends on each person’s preferences. They also need to consider their health and fitness suitability for that subject. For example, boxing is a challenging sport. Not everyone dares to challenge with boxing because of the high possibility of injury. That’s why people call boxing a heavy game. Have you ever tried this particular martial art? If you are not brave enough, try the simulation version in the game Punch Guys of UNCOSOFT.

Punch Guys mod

Download Punch Guys mod – Become a boxer

Punch Guys is a new sports game released in mid-2022. However, with its appeal, it quickly received more than 1 million downloads from Google Play. In Punch Guys, players will experience the work of a professional boxer. There will be joy in victory and bitterness in defeat. In the spirit of chivalry, you must make sure that you accept the outcome, even if it’s not what you want. The levels in Punch Guys are diversified. Over time, Punch Guys players will find themselves much better at punching and kicking. Depending on the battle process of each game screen, the amount of bonuses you receive each time also has a difference.

Punch Guys apk

Even if you have never tried boxing, you can still play with Punch Guys. In this game, the producer was very psychological when designing two modes of training and fighting. Therefore, players will be trained before competing. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the game’s rules and have time to prepare mentally. When fighting, every hit you successfully hit will be immediately added to the money. So don’t hesitate to attack your opponent consecutively. Moreover, Punch Guys also come with a bit of an idle element. The reason is that you can open the automatic punching mode. To activate it, take a moment and watch the video for free.

Punch Guys mod apk

Defeat your opponent in the ring

Punch Guys follows the rules of boxing so that you will fight solo with your opponent. Two people will be placed in the ring, and the audience will not stop cheering below. When fighting, you must attack your opponent and dodge the opposite attack. Next to the two boxers is a power bar that updates in a split second. It would be best if you fought until the opponent’s power bar becomes exhausted to win. If you want a quick ending, create lots of combos. When you attack the opponent consecutively, combos will appear. Depending on the length of the combo, the winnings also increase. Don’t miss your chance to get rich quickly.

Punch Guys android

Improve stamina

Boxing is a sport requiring high physical strength because every attack carries the risk of injury; your opponents in Punch Guys are all strong and can punch very painfully. Therefore, the critical thing that martial artists need to train is endurance. In Punch Guys, besides the income stat, strength also has stamina. This factor means your ability to take hits from the opponent. There is an option to improve it, and that is to watch videos for free. However, this type of video is not always available, so take advantage when you see them appear. Do not let the boxer fall before the opponent after a few essential hits.

Punch Guys apk free

Collect cool items

In addition to the main potential as a fighter, Punch Guys also have support items. These are the items that they can use during the competition. These include masks, clothing, shoes, gloves, water, etc. To collect these fantastic items, players need to pass levels. The rewards are at the end of different levels. The store also has these items available to you. Each item has its special meaning. For example, the golden gauntlet can give a 50% increase in strength. At the same time, it provides the boxer with a 50% increase in endurance. Energy drinks are also a favorite of many fighters. Just by drinking one bottle, their strength was instantly restored.

A heavy sport becomes so simple in Punch Guys. Anxiety, nervousness, or satisfaction are emotions that Punch Guys can bring. Don’t forget to practice before you start competing. It will make you exceptionally well prepared. Boxers also need to be equipped with many items to increase their strength. Download Punch Guys mod and become the world’s top boxer.

Download Punch Guys MOD APK (God mode, onehit) for Android

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