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NamePuzzle Spy APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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As a spy, players will have all the necessary skills. Players will be shown the top talents on the journey to rescue their clients. Create the most thrilling and eye-catching action sequences when facing the enemy. Although Puzzle Spy is a puzzle game, the action element is also very noticeable. This game certainly will not make the players feel the experience is boring. There’s nothing better than being a spy yourself. Do the task with the inherent slowness with an exquisite suit. The puzzle Spy game is not an ordinary puzzle game because it perfectly combines the intellectual factor and the action element. For players to have great entertainment moments.

Puzzle Spy mod apk

Download Puzzle Spy mod – Become a spy to protect the client

Have you ever wondered what a spy’s job would be like? Always have to complete challenging tasks such as assassinating a famous official, tracking illegal businesses, and investigating cases the police can hardly carry out. All these tasks require a person with an extraordinary ability to complete them through the puzzle game Puzzle Spy. Players will experience what it feels like to be a real spy. At the same time, you must use the total brain’s total capacity to overcome challenging tasks. Each level will be a surprise that the player cannot predict. Put on an elegant suit and equip the necessary items of a spy.

Puzzle Spy mod apk free

Today players can easily understand what the life of a spy will be like. Ordered by the superiors, the goal is to protect a girl from the pursuit of criminals. The girl is always in a hazardous situation. Please do not leave the object that the player himself is watching. And if the worst-case scenario happens, the girl is kidnapped by dangerous criminals. Then don’t worry, use the intelligence and excellent skills of the spy. It’s time to save the heart!

Drag the pin to complete the mission

The girl that the players must rescue will be hidden in a place that is difficult to find. Players will have to overcome countless challenges Puzzle Spy creates to get there. And it will gradually increase in difficulty as the player gets closer to the girl’s position. Each level will be a room; the main highlight is giant pins. Charges above the pin will be able to be people and objects carrying both directions, which are beneficial or harmful to the rescue process. The player’s job is to choose the most suitable pin and pull it out. At this point, the things above the hook will fall, the right thing will fall, and the task will be completed. Conversely, if you choose the wrong tack, the mission is considered a failure, and the player needs to redo it. So Puzzle Spy also requires players to use their brains a lot.

Puzzle Spy mod android

Many strange challenges

Puzzle Spy players will have to face a lot of scary enemies if they want to save lives. A building filled with bizarre creatures such as robots, horror mummies, enemy spies, giant guardians, and man-eating zombies. And when facing them, players will always receive support from the game. However, not everyone knows how to use that help properly. For example, the pin above has lava, super cold stones, a sizeable destructive bomb, and a briefcase containing valuable items. There are countless options when facing the enemy head-on during a hostage rescue. Use your intelligence to apply the help of the game. The players will surely overcome the challenge, no matter how bizarre.

Puzzle Spy

Diverse characters and backgrounds

The scenes that players experience in their rescue journey are also great. Puzzle Spy game flexibly changes the context from indoor to outdoor. Make each table new and not boring at all. And if the player does not want to continue with the spy in the suit, that can also be changed. There are many character options for Puzzle Spy players to choose from. These characters are reimagined from famous movies such as Harley Quinn, Marilyn Monroe, Aladdin, Superman, Ninja, and Sun Wukong. The unique and brilliant looks of the characters will surely increase the players’ excitement. Choose your favourite character and start the journey of a spy, dear players.

Puzzle Spy mod

Countless attractive rewards are waiting. Download Puzzle Spy mod participates in rescuing a girl hostage by solving puzzles with the role of a talented high-level spy.

Download Puzzle Spy MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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