Quest Town Saga MOD APK 1.3.9 (Unlimited money, points)

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NameQuest Town Saga APK
PublisherKairosoft Co.,Ltd
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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A peaceful small town is where everyone wishes to live. What is your ideal place to live? Surely everyone hopes that their place has an airy and fresh space. Besides, utility services are also arranged appropriately to make life easier. In addition, convenient transportation is also a particular factor. But, the most important thing is the safety of people. No one wants to live in fear of zombies or invading monsters. Before this hypothesis, the manufacturer Kairosoft introduced the Quest Town Saga game to the public in 2019. So let’s discover what the town in this game is unique and different.

Quest Town Saga mod

Download Quest Town Saga mod – Fight for a peaceful small town

Quest Town Saga is set in a small town located on the city’s outskirts. It has mountains, forests, and even verdant rice fields. Being a small town, the area is not too crowded. When the incident struck, it seemed that this would be a great place to live for everyone. There was a dark shadow covering the sky of this peaceful town. People are perplexed and scared. It turned out that a bunch of monsters had come here to take over the territory. They not only disrupt the peace but also disturb people’s lives. It’s too much. But the commoners didn’t fight them back. It would help if you came here to save this town.

Quest Town Saga apk

Killing monsters is only half the journey in this action game. After completing that noble mission, you will continue to stay to live with the people in the town. Because you have achieved a remarkable feat, everyone admires you very much. That’s why people let you be in charge of rebuilding the town to your liking. Players can choose the location to build buildings or amusement parks. So let’s create a beautiful landscape for your small town. After completing the mission, the player can get the precious treasure. In some other cases, you can also get items and money. It’s the reward after managing the town.

Quest Town Saga mod apk

Build groups of heroes

In Quest Town Saga, players will not have to fight alone. Instead, the producer allows you to build different groups of characters. They are heroes from all over the world gathered in this town. It could be a Knight or a Beast Tamer. Heroes may be in many different classes, but they all possess extraordinary abilities. They will help you in defending the town. There is no longer a threat from monsters that can threaten the settlement you manage. Besides, the life of the town since having you has also changed a lot. Because, accompanying you, there are gentle monsters. A vision of a peaceful life between humans and monsters has been opened.
Building Hero Teams

Quest Town Saga android

Choose the right equipment

An issue about equipment in the Quest Town Saga has not been mentioned. In any battle, you need to be well prepared; the winning rate will increase. When monsters came to town, they were in great numbers. You cannot catch the enemy empty-handed. But adequately equipped and effective is also a matter of concern. In the Quest Town Saga, characters can be equipped with weapons and armor. These types of items have many different types and levels. The player needs to choose based on the monster’s attributes and floating skills when using. That way, the hero will take less damage by being well prepared.

Quest Town Saga apk free

Wear unique outfits

Besides wearing equipment, the hero can also put on other splendid costumes. Try on every style, as Quest Town Saga has dozens of outfits. In everyday life, don’t always put on rigid armor. If you think dressing like ordinary people is bland, try to innovate. For example, a costume of a dragon or a cat and a fox can create emphasis and attraction. In this town, no one will judge and laugh at you because you are a hero of great merit. Instead, feel free to express yourself with Quest Town Saga. In some cases, you can choose between finding a stylish hat or going into battle.

Quest Town Saga is a role-playing game for all ages. You will become the hero who rescues the monster town and restores peace. With these achievements, you will be the star of the whole town. Quest Town Saga’s beautiful pixel graphics will satisfy your eyes during the entertainment. Download Quest Town Saga mod and become a town builder hero.

Download Quest Town Saga MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) for Android

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