Random Hero MOD APK 1.2.8 (Menu/SP summon injection)

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NameRandom Hero APK
PublisherTycoon Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/SP summon injection
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Random Hero gathers famous heroes in this land, you are the one who will own them. Players bring to the screen unique tactics, using human resources methodically. Mighty opponents, it would be best if you linked many players together. The heroes will handle the battles for you but are under your command, so give the correct directions. They need to have a complete look; you should do the upgrades. The process of competing cannot avoid loss, so be prepared mentally. A substantial total attack to defeat the evil monster, giving them a lesson to remember for a lifetime.

Random Hero mod

Download Random Hero mod – Strategic battle for heroes

The hero is the main factor determining your victory or defeat in Random Hero. Familiar faces are capable of defeating any opponent. You own a standard squad with all kinds of power in it for military development. You arrange them in each position; each line is gradually filled, and the enemy is slowly invading those territories. Act quickly before the opponent intervenes; every challenge will surprise you. Your movement speed must be fast, even merging to create more powerful heroes. Pick the right heroes for these bloody battles.

The explosion in combat always happens in Random Hero; players only know how to accept it. Mix and match famous heroes together; you need to use the right workforce. It can’t be arranged indiscriminately; always a careful calculation beforehand. It would be best if you remembered that the opponent is not the average type; they can make you lose everything in terms of territory and personnel. That will leave you helpless and painfully defeated. The cards that have the power to play on the field will promote their inherent talents, plus your army control skills. Become a tycoon, the head element for your hero ranks.

Random Hero mod apk

Double war

Players participate in PvP mode, making an arduous battle journey. In this playing field, you have thcan yourself and attack your opponent in the usual form. You must constantly deal with monsters; they are destroyed but can reappear again. Modes like that keep repeating repeatedly and make you bury your head in defeat. You must use a compelling deck to overwhelm your opponent because they respawn continuously. That rush is sometimes fun but also makes you feel stressed. Pressure will create a big victory, requiring high concentration on the player’s part. Please experience this mode first to get used to the harshness.

Random Hero apk

Cooperative alliance

Players have another new playground, the alliance, actively collaborating with many other heroes. You combine the quality heroes you’ve come to like before. In this regard, you should think carefully before deciding because the opponent in each game is different. This cooperation brings many advantages, which can complement each other if the other person on the team gradually weakens. Don’t forget that it’s tough to control this army if you can’t agree on tactics. Beat many turns by the alliance; you will receive valuable rewards. Random Hero encourages cooperation between heroes, giving them a worthy playground to showcase their talents.

Random Hero

Random mode

If you want a breakthrough and do not want to repeat the previous modes, you should choose the random part. This is your chance to challenge yourself because the lineup of opponents and heroes is all random. There is no foreknowledge, so you must quickly deal with the situation. In this mode, you can still use the hero that appears on the screen even if it is not your teammate before. Heroes you did not have the opportunity to own can now become temporary personnel during the war you participate in. That’s great as you approach waves of new opponents and unique decks. Experience playgrounds you’ve never been to.

Random Hero is where you show off your hero coordination skills in multiple waves of battles. You can trade many tactics to have the best levels. Any difficulty can be encountered, or simple situations can occur. When the opportunity comes, you must know to hold it. Otherwise, you will regret it. Rewards are always waiting for those who deserve them, you are one of them. Enjoy fierce battles and responsive speed. Download Random Hero mod, master the squad of real heroes, and defeat evil monsters.

Download Random Hero MOD APK (Menu/SP summon injection) for Android

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