Realm Defense MOD APK 3.0.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameRealm Defense APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Tower defense games are always a topic that attracts the gaming community. Character design, attractive game modes always bring hours of relaxing entertainment. Realm Defense is the game that I will recommend with dramatic missions. Join the fight, protect the tower defense against attacks from the enemy. Players will become the king and command the heroes to fight. Lead the entire army ready to attack, crush all opponents. Enjoy the thrilling atmosphere, master the battle to keep the tower safe. Make every attack, act on all large fronts.

Realm Defense mod

Download Realm Defense mod – Make tactics to attack the enemy

The kingdom is in danger, the enemies are constantly besieging. They are ready to take any action to topple your tower. Stand still for them to knock down or coordinate a fierce attack? Not to let them achieve their goals, of course. The battle will take place and let you show your full power. Defend the kingdom from monsters and zombies. Have the right strategy to stop any evil deeds they commit step by step. Accompany the warrior to move to every battle, quickly complete the mission. Overthrow the hostile army, do not let them exist.

Realm Defense mod apk

Command heroes into battle to deliver attacks. Build a squad with the right tactics before starting the fight. Make sure you have enough energy to fight monsters and formidable witches. Realm Defense will be the place where players will be able to make all decisions, in coordination with teammates. The tower will be safe depending on how the player fights. Each level will gradually increase the difficulty, the enemy will also be more potent. Face countless difficulties and challenges to be able to come to victory. The battle seems to have no end without destroying all the opponents. Concentrating forces to resist any counterattack from them.

Realm Defense mod android

Build a powerful team

Heroes are a force that joins forces to attack every enemy that appears. They will combine to create attacks that are difficult to resist. Players will command warriors named Smolder the mighty dragon, Bolton the Wizard, Helios the Phoenix… Lead them and train more skills to destroy the enemy quickly. After passing the challenge in the first 5 rounds, you will be provided with two new heroes. Fee and Lancelot will be two powerful new warriors with many unique abilities. Both will coordinate with the whole team to make the opponent lose. Unlocking some more heroes also requires a lot of diamonds. Build an army that is strong in both physical strength and intelligence.

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Archer, Barracks, Cannon, and Wizard are the 4 main towers that players can own. You need to protect these 4 towers, and if you let the enemy knockdown, the game will be over. Each tower will have different characteristics. Close defense timely prevents surprise attacks. Also, use the tower itself to have a way to deal with each enemy. Built-in a suitable position for easy protection and control. Barracks should be placed in front of the gate, watching and not allowing the enemy to hide and inside the kingdom. Archer used to attack all enemies that appeared. Upgrade Cannon to deal consequential damage, causing all enemies to lose quickly. Wizards have mages to support each soldier, delivering the most formidable attacks. Defend the tower and take advantage of every advantage, ready to face any challenge.

Realm Defense mod download

Skills and tactics

How to fight with strategy is important to the player’s victory. Discover the talents of heroes, command them to every battle. Each character will have their own skills, decisive action with enemy forces. Together create counterattacks, see the weaknesses of the opponents. Make quick moves, dodge any counterattack in time. Equip the necessary weapons and equipment for each battle. Strengthen the squad, summon all the talented hero warriors. The defense combined with combat, creating surprises for the enemy. Download Realm Defense mod to join the battle to protect the kingdom from enemy attacks.

Download Realm Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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