RealRealm: Crypto War MOD APK 1.2.0 (Menu/God mode)

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NameRealRealm: Crypto War APK
PublisherRise Studio Pte Ltd
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Combination of commanding the mortal battlefield and seeking profit for yourself. RealRealm: Crypto War is gradually entering the gaming market with mechanisms for people to collect virtual currency. Do that by overcoming the combat challenges that the game has set. Players will build their army. Use the most suitable weapons and powers to fight the evil legion. Or take on other players in a particular battle. Your combat experience will be increased gradually through the actions. Who will collect the most resources and become the mighty lord in RealRealm: Crypto War?

RealRealm Crypto War mod

Download RealRealm: Crypto War mod – Make a profit by commanding an army to fight

Your empire will initially have nothing but small barracks. This is the first place to help you summon the first combat units. Initially, these units were quite rudimentary and had only a few primary weapons. But at least you have an army of your own. Anyone who stepped foot into RealRealm: Crypto War started like that. Next is the process of fighting continuously with the enemy. They are other players who are beginning the same journey as you. For your army to be stronger, you must have more resources. Resources will be obtained from many sources and mainly during combat. From now on, it will be the process of you finding them yourself.

RealRealm: Crypto War has a vast world map. And this is where players will come the most to go through the lands. Encounter many monsters and command your army to fight them. Battles are waged by arranging troops by units and rows. At the beginning of the battle, the two armies will rush in and fight hand-to-hand. For melee units, it will do that. Long-range units will stand in the rear to fight. The war will end when one side is ultimately defeated. If you are the winner, you will receive a reward corresponding to the task and a little virtual currency.

RealRealm Crypto War mod apk

Proper army management

Although not too detailed, the battlefield still needs a specific strategy to win. RealRealm: Crypto War gives you classes of combat troops to create your strategy. They are all familiar and recognizable in many other titles. Melee fighters charge directly at the enemy and have high armor. Archers or gunners attack from a distance and prefer to stay at the rear. Mages with terrible damage will take the center position. And there are many other roles for you to arrange a perfect squad manually. In a battle, you can bring up to 5 different units. Maybe that’s enough to give you unlimited tactical freedom.

RealRealm Crypto War mod apk free

The most important resource

The most critical resources in RealRealm: Crypto War are gold, diamonds, food, and gems. The first and most common is gold, always the most practical and used to upgrade buildings and service levels. Some new equipment and facilities will also be sold in the gold shop. Diamonds are rarer than gold and will be for special tools or spells when fighting. Food is used to recruit more military units. Red gems are mysterious and are only revealed at certain stages in the game. Of course, all resources carry a great value, and you should collect them as much as possible through battles.

RealRealm Crypto War mod free

Improve the level of science

The buildings are the highlight, and it is impossible not to interact with them. You already know the barracks will help summon armies from another world to fight for you. But that’s just a tool to help you summon, not upgrade. What helps to upgrade the warriors are the fortresses that can be bought in the shop. Each type of combat unit has its stronghold. The decoration is based on the combat characteristics and weapons that the team has. So you will immediately know a hut is the base of the archers. Along with the constructions that provide resources at a slow rate, you have to be patient for a long time. Building an army will take time and perseverance.

Create a simple army but fight with a cool head to collect the most loot. RealRealm: Crypto War stimulates the ability to command and use different tactics. Just finished a campaign that I feel proud of. Just collected a little bit of virtual money to accumulate and exchange for real value. Download RealRealm: Crypto War mod to experience a simple but dynamic gameplay style with many attractive missions.

Download RealRealm: Crypto War MOD APK (Menu/God mode) for Android

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