Rescue Mary MOD APK 1.0.112 (Unlimited money)

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NameRescue Mary APK
PublisherCandy Factory Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Rescue Mary accompanies the little girl with the desire to improve this difficult life. You are Mary, a beautiful girl who suffered from a very young age. Many dreams have flashed in her mind, only you can help her realize them. You solve puzzles and find safe solutions to transform your house. Notice the ambitions she was hoping to achieve, a whole house or warm clothes. Those things may be simple in real life, but this challenge is always unique. Complete her mission, and make her feel as happy as possible.

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Download Rescue Mary mod – Recreate Mary’s dream life

Since she was a little girl, trauma has hit a girl named Mary. Having a dirty uncle doesn’t give the sense of well-being that a child needs. Hunger scenes always lurk around her, making you feel very sorry. Embark on Rescue Mary’s challenging puzzle to change Mary’s life. With the familiar and simple matching game, the reward is not tiny. Renovated from the wildest place, which is the house, designed the interior and layout by hand. Players need to overcome challenges but receive many sources of bonuses. Manually improve Mary’s life, helping her have a better history page.

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You will help Mary renovate the manor, turning a place from a slum into a lavish home. Accept the best for her, and give her decent clothes. This challenge sounds simple, but it takes time to make a huge difference. Many houses are built, not designed once. Faced with difficult situations, you are still determined to immerse yourself in the challenge. Love and friends around are making it difficult for you, but that’s okay; with them, this game will be more fun. Make all Mary’s dreams come true or exceed her expectations; you can do this role well, right?

Rescue Mary apk

Match-3 challenge

The player’s enjoyment manifests the first time with the endless challenge created by Rescue Mary herself. Complete this fun puzzle game, conquer it, ad receives many rewards. Click to select three boxes of the same color, and bring them together in a particular line. For every three such cells, you will successfully destroy them, especially when you can match 4 or 5 similar tiles as above. The power this challenge gives you is an explosion. Based on the requirements of each game screen, collect each color box corresponding to the number of plays, and you succeed. Try to create a whirlwind of power, sweeping it away in one go. With the victory, the challenges of saving Mary’s life begin.

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Manor design

The manor in Rescue Mary is Mary’s house, she used to live in a cramped room. Your task now is to change everything to make everything look more perfect. Modern, ancient design styles with Asian or European styles are all for you to choose from. With beautiful furniture and enough space to decorate, let’s plan the design. Look into Mary’s mind to know what she needs: a bed, an eye-catching outfit, or simply a large window. Each dream will be achieved through the familiar match game. Join Mary to experience this game with friends or anyone to increase the attraction.

Rescue Mary mod

Explore each story

Challenging puzzles are always associated with a unique plot. Players also need to unlock to conquer; the condition is that you must win in the previous round. It is also understandable to go in turn, so you do not feel confused. Follow Mary to write a new childhood with higher wishes. Instead of living in the old house, let’s go further with her; a villa is also a suggestion. Challenges need you to solve puzzles, don’t misunderstand or cause disaster. Love stories also revolve around you, awkward with the opponent. It would help if you did tsituationons not to bring Mary to a standstill, she has had enough.

Rescue Mary comes to Manor building a challenging but rewarding experience. Continuing the storylines together and completing the chapters will be very interesting. Knowing Mary’s situation and not leaving them alone, determined to accompany them to the end. Complete match-3 puzzles for more innovation opportunities. Enjoy the fun on each level but don’t forget the house design task. Make Mary’s place the most livable place in the world. Download Rescue Mary mod, rescue Mary from the deadlock, and open a new history page.

Download Rescue Mary MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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