Rescue Wings! MOD APK 1.12.0 (Menu/Unlocked everything/Unlimited Boosters)

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NameRescue Wings! APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked everything/Unlimited Boosters
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Rescue Wings! Become a savior for fires; quickly extinguish them if you don’t want the whole forest to burn. You can’t ignore big fires; if you don’t stop them in time, bad things will happen. At that moment, a lovely dog ​​appeared, it was informed, and it would be the savior of humanity. And you are the companion as well as control the dog to put out the fire. Your task is to adjust the aircraft, send dogs and warships into the significant seas to get a considerable amount of water, and then drop it on the fires. It sounds simple, but there will be many problems if you do not sink into the seas in time.

Rescue Wings apk free

Download Rescue Wings! mod – Control the plane to put out the fire

Rescue Wings! allows the player to soar into the sky, sending warships through fires. Your mission is to fly as far as possible and put out as many big and small fires on the road. When approaching the fire, you land close enough so the collected water will flow down and extinguish the fire. To get water, you will dip warships into water holes, even large seas, to recharge. When there is enough water, it is also time to meet the fire, and the task of discharging water begins. Usually, there will be about three fires that are extinguished, then the water collection process continues. And so on, until you can no longer fly, the mission is now over.

Rescue Wings mod apk

Players must take advantage of the water on the flight to dive to get fuel. This is probably the only source of life for the fires to not spread further. You have contributed to protecting the earth from every fire that is extinguished. Continuously operating in the sky, taking the aircraft everywhere. The mission is replicated, and the higher levels demand more from you. The more fires happen, only you and the other dog can help humanity. Life cannot be buried in flames and must prevent the world’s end from getting closer. Receive all calls from firefighters, do not delay a moment more, or you do not want a disaster.

Rescue Wings mod

Owning many airplanes

Players have the right to collect planes of different types into treasures. Rescue Wings! support that and want you to conquer every genre as possible. Take turns flying in the sky to gain more power, and keep other planes. Colorful, different shapes, and constantly changing players are also a way to avoid boredom. Unlock more planes you have conquered yourself. It is not easy to own those warships immediately, and it takes a whole process. Use those planes to support your mission, using all the power it brings to the best effect.

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Explore many new terrains

Many spaces are on fire and need your rescue. You fly over so many incredible natural landscapes but are threatened by fires. Unable to stand by, you refill the water tank and go to extinguish each fire. You will succeed with 15 levels for you to experience and conquer all. Fly over high mountains, even fire forests, but you still have a firm grip on the steering wheel. In each terrain you go through, there will be underground water sources. This is life for your plane and the whole earth; let it land there and get enough water. Then he flew up to the sky and dropped water from there; the flames were blown away.

Rescue Wings apk

Challenge with friends

It’s not just you on the mission but other players as well. Everyone is getting their mission to the finish line safe and fast. Everyone is trying to put out the red fires on the ground and wants to take the chance to be a hero. This is a valuable title for those directly involved in the fires. Challenge your friends to expand the playing field while saving lives. This is an opportunity that both challenges you and helps humanity preserve lives. Use a variety of aircraft such as stealth bombers, and use missiles to dispute with your opponents but as long as the fire is still extinguished.

Rescue Wings! Travel in the sky and perform firefighting missions. Turn big fires into ashes, never to appear again. Conquer on many levels, and create a reputation in your savior career. This is probably the most critical mission you are currently undertaking, waiting for your talent. How will the player handle the fire, will he have enough water to put it out? Fly high to extinguish the fire, but descend to the ground to get water. Download Rescue Wings! mod, make a flight extinguish wildfires, and save humanity.

Download Rescue Wings! MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked everything/Unlimited Boosters) for Android

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