Restaurant Renovation MOD APK 3.2.23 (Unlimited Stars)

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NameRestaurant Renovation APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stars
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Where are the fans of the puzzle game series? Restaurant Renovation mod is waiting for you to explore and conquer. The unique combination of jigsaw puzzles and solving design challenges in this game is sure to keep you hooked. You will have the opportunity to practice observation and logical thinking. It is possible to enhance the aesthetic taste through the challenges of space design. You will see the silhouette and familiarity of popular puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, Jewels Legend, and Homescapes. Following a story with content throughout, the player will begin to discover exciting activities. Complete each challenge to achieve the most significant goal the game is about. Are you ready for these missions?

Restaurant Renovation mod

Download Restaurant Renovation mod – The journey to restore the restaurant

Coming to Restaurant Renovation, players will play the female lead named Jessie. She has an uncle named Bobby. He is known as the master chef, with the ability to cook top-notch and own a restaurant. However, Uncle Bobby’s experience and professional talent are nothing to blame. However, he has no talent in restaurant management. Therefore, the restaurant’s business is going downhill and in danger of bankruptcy. This made Jessie unable to ignore. She decided to join her friends to revive the restaurant. Turn it into a famous dining center and bring in a significant source of revenue.

Restaurant Renovation mod apk

To solve this critical problem, the player must help the main character collect stars. These stars will earn you the privilege of making specific changes and activities. Taking advantage of the familiar puzzle gameplay, Restaurant Renovation takes players in turn to challenges. They are reproduced under eye-catching and vivid images. Combined with a melodic sound system, the game takes you into a highly creative world. Where gamers can practice and show their skills. Revitalize your restaurant’s vitality and business potential. Uncle Bobby’s heart will not be broken and failed. You will be the one to revive the faith and effort that your uncle has put in for a long time.

Restaurant Renovation mod android

Create new space designs

The first problem to solve is the space of the restaurant. They are too old and simple. You will have to create a change in the area through swapping and decorating ways. But first, let’s look at the whole to discover things that are unreasonable and inadequate. They are the basis for players to take practical actions. In Restaurant Renovation, you have the right to affect any object and area if you want. Each star will give a move for a particular thing. Depending on the decoration orientation that each player chooses, they will create different spaces. It can be said that the aesthetic taste and perspective of each individual have a significant influence on each area.

Restaurant Renovation mod download

Developing cooking skills

Cooking skills are one of the factors that help restaurants develop sustainably. It creates delicious dishes to make diners satisfied. That is, the restaurant owner must not take this professional issue lightly. You will have to constantly learn and hone your skills. Create new recipes. Make the restaurant’s menu system always innovative and diversified. Eating their favorite food in a great space is sure not to have any customers refuse. They will be more attached to the restaurant. At the same time, you also get compliments and positive reviews to attract new customers.

Restaurant Renovation mod free

Exciting puzzle challenges

Restaurant Renovation integrates puzzle challenges into the game. These puzzles have a time limit to complete. You will have to figure out how to move the blocks to get a straight line with at least 3 of the same blocks. Each successful combination nets a star or a bonus. You also need to be aware that the number of moves is limited. So you have to think carefully before doing it. This will not waste unnecessary turns.

Restaurant Renovation mod apk free

Discover exciting and cute characters

Restaurant Renovation is a large playground. It features a diverse character system. The spaces and activities in the game also change frequently. In the process of practicing and passing missions, challenging players will meet each different character, from the customers who come to eat to the enthusiastic and generous friends. Download Restaurant Renovation mod to restore your restaurant through the design and management efforts you create.

Download Restaurant Renovation MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) for Android

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