Rocket Royale MOD APK 2.3.7 (Unlimited money)

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NameRocket Royale APK
PublisherGameSpire Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Rocket Royale challenges to conquer opponents with ultimate weapons, mainly sniper rifles. Players craft their giant rockets, control them and fly off the island. You are too secretive with a boring life; find a better one. With such a desire, you must look to the skirmishes in Rocket Royale. In a groundbreaking action genre, weapon functions will also be improved. You can invent the type of missile you like and choose another weapon with more destructive power. You mainly show your prowess in battles, turning the island’s space into your refuge.

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Download Rocket Royale mod – Create a rocket and defend it

Surely you never thought that you would be the inventor of a rocket one day. Or the more terrible things like cannons, nukes, and guns, all related to war. You want a world of peace, but Rocket Royale wants you to break it. Instead, try participating in hand-to-hand combat or playing in groups to increase the appeal. Then, you create a plan to develop your crafting career, delivering the most powerful nuclear weapon. The player owns a rich treasure of firearms, so it needs to be protected. Build houses or fortresses to make sure war tools exist in a safe place.

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Rocket Royale is about strategy, fighting, and creating the most significant conflicts. It was a war that would not be able to avoid the destruction of each other; the armies of both sides wanted to destroy the other. You, too, aim your gun and shoot enemies mercilessly. Those who went into battles without gullibility suffered significant consequences. For the sake of the public, there is tolerance between the parties fair fight. You create the rocket and store it with various measures to develop it in the best environment. After the destruction, the surrounding habitat also collapsed. Everything is destroyed, and the trees can’t take the land to live.

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Build a missile reserve

The missile is considered the ultimate weapon in skirmishes with the enemy, so it is preferred. Players collect wood to build strong fortresses to avoid riots, fit matching pieces of wood together, using hammers and nails to drive the slats together. You understand the enemy market and develop a complete blueprint for a safe base. Own the secret hiding place, and when you return to the crafting. To make a unique rocket, you need to accumulate resources, meteors falling from the sky. Only one rocket but ten enemies all want to cling to, be careful and avoid any danger.

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Fight with invading enemies

The conflict began to arise when the missile appeared. It can destroy the whole world, every corner, and any opponent. The war made high-rise buildings also turn into sandstones. Turning empty lands into dead places that can’t be developed. The puzzle is inevitable, but keep it simple to avoid leaving heavy consequences. Thereby, you have to be more serious about planning and outlining tactics to deal with. The goal of the war is to take possession of the enemy’s assets and weapons to enrich themselves. It would help if you had those resources and loot to increase your strength.

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Play with friends

Rocket Royale integrates a feature that can communicate with friends right on the phone. Playing as a team will have its good points, discussing and coming up with an attack strategy. You can match up with 3 of your friends or strangers to form a team. The remarkable thing is that the players are natural, not playing with the robot creating machine. Each person owns weapons, axes, and guns to perform assigned tasks. When there is unity before the battle, your team will be able to promote its strength without anyone having to win. Every player has their stage, clearly demarcating but common goals.

Rocket Royale offers matches at different speeds. Because of that, players feel excited and challenge themselves in many situations. Tons of products and weapons are being stolen and swapped with sly engineering. It would help if you quickly stopped that terrible thing and formed solid ground. Your efforts are still to protect your missiles and territory. Gather resources to craft shelters for both you and your teammates. Download Rocket Royale mod, start crafting weapons and create a powerful force for the squad to fight.

Download Rocket Royale MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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