Rogue Vill MOD APK 0.8.1 (Menu/Unlimited money/God mode)

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NameRogue Vill APK
PublisherGungHo Universal, LLC.
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/God mode
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Rogue Vill creates deep dungeons for you to explore, and secrets will be hidden. Players go deep inside, with enemies and cunning monsters in it. If you do not destroy them, the person who will die for them is you. They want your life, so be careful every step of the way. The difficulty lies in the unexpected; all events are random and a great challenge for players. You also have no choice but to accept and win. Make the dungeon your territory, and eliminate all the bad guys out of here. Mark your sovereignty with assertive actions.

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Download Rogue Vill mod – Rebuild the village version

Deformed monsters have come here and built dungeons, making your village no longer viable. It’s like a misfortune for you; the player must be rescued immediately. But who do you think will get you out of here, yourself and no one else? Play the role of a character wearing a blue rabbit-eared shirt and jet-black body to carry out escape plans. With a small appearance, this character can move quickly; escape is also fast. You use four shortcuts, up, down, left, and right, to control the character. Firm steps and fast movement speed show your determination is very high.

Rogue Vill apk

In the dungeon, there will be logs; you go to their location to collect them. Each record will be numbered; you must act on it to return to 0. When you do that, the wooden boards suddenly become a house. Just like that, discovering many similar places, you will gradually rebuild the village. Life will return thanks to the player’s efforts; you are also happy. You can’t let the monsters sink deep in the dungeon forever; they will rampage and hinder you. While fighting and searching for wood to build a house, integrating two tasks simultaneously and working at total capacity, achieving the ultimate goal of bringing survival to the dungeon.

Rogue Vill

Defeat the monster

Rogue Vill designs countless different monsters, possessing small or giant bodies. Their appearance is also impressive, the colors are vibrant, but they can’t let you down. Their lives are represented by the blood bar on the top of their heads, based on which you can guess their condition. Players fiercely attack each object, not letting the unfinished state appear. Thoroughly destroy each monster so you’re sure you have killed them. Their number is only increasing, not decreasing. Dungeons are too large to spawn more monsters, who join hands to prevent you from building a village.

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Lots of treasures

Players can accumulate more weapons to serve the upcoming battle. Valuable treasures are always located deep in the dungeon you need to mine. Resources such as gold, stone, and especially wood will be collected quickly whenever you see them. In addition, add equipment such as guns, swords, and knives to defend yourself. Diamond ring to increase strength or helmet to protect your face. You need to earn a lot of money to renovate the destroyed houses. Considerable wealth also helps you exchange valuable items required in the future. Whenever treasure appears, you immediately accumulate it.

Rogue Vill mod apk

Advance to many levels

Dungeons are also divided into levels for players to challenge themselves. You have access to many competition spaces, the common feature is that they are all surrounded by bosses. The enemy is always by your side, so you will always be nervous and in a defensive position. The situation has pushed sme o much that every moment of participating in the competition leaves a unique impression. The space is also changed; you also add the conquest. Complex ranks will also drain the player of that life force. Upgrade your character regularly so you don’t fall into a deadlock, the unbearably tricky level. Experience each step up so you don’t get any emotional shock.

Rogue Vill has many secrets and hidden stories that have never been revealed. Players assume the role of a character to accomplish the purpose of uncovering the truth. Smooth control is significant because. The opponent is always ready. Accept their attacks, but you still have to be more aggressive. It is best to let the opponent fall before you, do not let the situation happen to you. The challenging environment gradually becomes more dangerous, the level increases, and the enemies are more brutal. Download Rogue Vill mod, and defeat the enemies in the dungeon to restore the village.

Download Rogue Vill MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/God mode) for Android

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