Rope Hero MOD APK 3.5.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameRope Hero APK
PublisherNaxeex Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Another city full of criminal gangs and illegal activities needs you to deal with. The city of Rope Hero mod will make players become heroes that enforce justice. This land will be where players can show off their top fighting skills. A vast city where dangers and traps converge will create a series of complex challenges. Gamers will have to overcome all. Fight hard for the peace and trust of the people in the city. Are you ready to enter the fascinating battles in Rope Hero? The struggle for you has officially begun.

Rope Hero mod

Download  Rope Hero mod – City’s justice guard hero

One morning you wake up to find yourself in a car in a strange city. On top is a superhero costume. Before you understood what was coming to you, you immediately realized your task. That is being a rebel hero. The main dangers are gangsters, thieves, and murderers. Speaking of this, many people will immediately imagine the fantasy superheroes in famous movies. This is Batman, Spider-Man, and Super-Man with top-notch fighting skills and moves. But your hero in Rope Hero is more than that. He fully converges the combined talents of those famous heroes.

Rope Hero mod apk

Rope Hero offers free-to-play gameplay in a large city. Players can move to any location they want. Each location is a discovery and also brings certain benefits to the player. You will have to face a variety of opponents. Some guys don’t take you too long to take down. But there are also powerful enemies that you need to use heavy weapons. Battles in Rope Hero vary in levels and difficulty. They will create exciting stories of combat emotions for players. The journey to fulfill a hero’s mission will be arduous.

Rope Hero mod android

Strength and skill

There is an undeniable advantage that heroes possess, which is skill and strength. In terms of skills, the character can move flexibly on any terrain. It can even fly in space. With the ropes and the ability to jump high, tall buildings cannot make it difficult for players. In terms of strength, it must be said that powerful punches and kicks will make the opponent complete. With these advantages in hand, you will have outstanding combat advantages. Knowing how to take advantage of players will be able to win consecutively.

Rope Hero mod download

Equip weapons and combat vehicles

Even a hero cannot fight empty-handed. You will need support from weapons and combat vehicles. Guns can be found in particular areas of the city. Vehicles offer superior speed mobility. These are MB cars, tanks, military planes, and helicopters. The system of more than 20 vehicles will always be adequate support that gamers are equipped with.

Rope Hero mod free

Character customization and reward system

Your hero, in addition to the attractiveness of fighting ability, must also include the ability to customize flexibly. It can be an upgrade in strength or changes in appearance. The system of costumes and accessories will help players create impressive makeovers. Besides, there is an attractive reward system that you can find and own. They will bring significant benefits in the pursuit of city defense. Download Rope Hero mod to become righteous heroes defeating the forces of evil.

Download Rope Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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