RPG Alphadia Neo MOD APK 1.1.3g (Menu/Unlimited money/Unlocked)

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NameRPG Alphadia Neo APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Territorial wars have never been a stale topic. Since the earliest days, wars have broken out between tribes over power. As the great powers made explorations worldwide, invasions became increasingly common. There have been battles that have become legends that humanity cannot forget. To depict a tumultuous historical period, the manufacturer KEMCO has introduced a great game. It’s RPG Alphadia Neo. Released in less than half a year, RPG Alphadia Neo has achieved extremely high quality. It already has 5-star user reviews – a perfect score on the Google Play platform.

RPG Alphadia Neo mod

Download RPG Alphadia Neo mod – Join the war between kingdoms

The story of RPG Alphadia Neo takes place 800 years ago, almost a millennium. It is a fictional story. At that time, a shooting star, or a large meteorite, fell to earth. It created a great shock and effects that humanity could not have foreseen. The power and energy brought by the meteorite revived a long-lost civilization. Because of that, the conflict between cultures and kingdoms broke out on a large scale. Everyone wants to gain territory for themselves and their families. A war between the three great nations was indeed very intense. Let’s explore this fight in more depth.

RPG Alphadia Neo apk

The energy that the meteor brings to the earth creates a meeting between past and present characters. The first is Alt – a prince who has lost his memories and is facing many difficulties. Along with that is Souffle – the princess in exile. In addition, many other characters also appear in the Alphadia Neo RPG. They contribute to the completion of this story. Each person is a link that creates coherence in each development of the story and the trip. A fantasy story but will make you fully experience the emotions and legendary atmosphere. Where will the troubles between the kingdoms go? Let’s start with RPG Alphadia Neo to find the answer.

RPG Alphadia Neo mod apk

Change the style of the characters

The characters in the Alphadia Neo RPG are beautifully designed. They are like princes and princesses with divine beauty. Hidden deep in that beauty are sources of incredible strength and fighting ability. The unique thing about RPG Alphadia Neo is the opportunity to change the character’s style. Each different kind can give the characters here various advantages. For a surface like Prince Alt, the player can change up to three types. That change can affect the character’s fighting style. Be it a powerful attack, establishing a solid defense line, or expanding the range of large-scale combat.

RPG Alphadia Neo android

Applying resonance skills

With that said, many talented characters came together at RPG Alphadia Neo. They can personally participate in battles that will determine the kingdom’s fate. However, the capacity of each individual is sometimes not enough. So RPG Alphadia Neo offers the opportunity for warriors to come together. We call it the skill of resonance – the key to victory in the easiest way. That way, players will combine different characters to create a new type of ability with more optimal power. It can combine two, three, or dozens of available skills. Create your most potent skill combo with RPG Alphadia Neo.

RPG Alphadia Neo apk free

Energy level up

The source of Energi energy that meteorites bring to the earth is huge. It is also a type of energy used by characters in many battles. Also, with RPG Alphadia Neo, you can strengthen Energi by leveling up. Leveling up will be completed as new elements are added to Alphadia. At the same time, learning and training new skills for warriors also contribute to this process. In addition, RPG Alphadia Neo also has an extraordinary fishing lake. You do not hear wrong; a fishing quest seems entertaining but very useful. Players can trade fish for valuable items from RPG Alphadia Neo’s shop.

RPG Alphadia Neo is a role-playing game with a legendary fantasy storyline. There, players experience the battle space between ancient powers. The power from the mysterious meteorite is the soul of this game. Let’s find out what princesses, princes, and heroes of these countries will do. Download RPG Alphadia Neo mod and find order for the kingdom.

Download RPG Alphadia Neo MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/Unlocked) for Android

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