Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK 7.1.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameScary Teacher 3D APK
PublisherZ & K Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Scary Teacher 3D is a story revolving between a high school teacher and her students. She was always the fear of the students, giving many punishments. The image every time the teacher appears always makes all students want to avoid it. You will play the role of a naughty student, ruining everything to make her angry. Players will do everything they want, making the teacher go crazy. Exciting plot, providing high entertainment. Each development of the story will be brought by Scary Teacher 3D. You are the main character, doing everything to anger your own teacher.

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Download Scary Teacher 3D mod – Scary teacher and naughty student

The game is about Miss T and her naughty student. The punishments she gives students are always a nightmare. After one time she moves home near your area, you will execute revenge. Breaking into the house when she wasn’t looking and doing everything to upset her. An extremely effective way to relieve stress is when you play Scary Teacher 3D. By teasing others, bring joy to yourself. This is not recommended in real life, but in Scary Teacher 3D, it is the opposite. It feels good to make her angry without being able to do anything. Do a variety of activities right in the teacher’s house.

Scary Teacher 3D mod android

Appears with a normal appearance, but the character and punishment the teacher gives are always opposite. Players will take advantage of the opportunity to enter her house quickly. Every morning, what she usually does is go out to get the newspaper. At this point, you will need to fast run into the house and search for objects. Then put it under that newspaper, get out quickly, so she doesn’t get caught. Complete all the missions, don’t let yourself be acquired by the teacher. Constantly performing the most naughty actions in the same house that the hot-tempered girl is living in.

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Move-in multiple rooms

Scary Teacher 3D offers many different rooms. There are 15 rooms for you to do your work. Each room will have hidden secrets, discover everything in the house. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, entertainment room… Any space you can break into if you want. Take advantage of the teacher’s absence and do things you like. Always creating surprises after surprises, ruining furniture, food… Go to each room and do it quickly before she comes home.

Scary Teacher 3D mod download

The job teases Ms T

Everything that happens in the very house she lives in is done by you. Breakfast was prepared on the table, television, making the house always messy. Simply add a lot of fish sauce to the dish, ruining the TV so it can’t be watched anymore… Countless of the above jokes are different, causing teacher T to have to receive the results for her work. Each mission will also be set, changing through each level of play. The thing you tease makes the teacher angry, but it’s how you get to have fun. Damage the furniture, important items, even everything that appears in the house. Plan and seize every opportunity to achieve your own goals.

Scary Teacher 3D mod

Easy controls

Help the character to move, perform jobs by using the joystick. Have students walk through the buttons on the left side of their screen. On the right will be keys to getting objects, using them to achieve their own goals. The control mechanism in Scary Teacher 3D is relatively easy, swipe the screen in the direction you want. Accompany the character and quickly reach the highest level of play

Scary Teacher 3D mod apk

Character change

The outside image of the character will also be a custom player. You will accompany boys and girls. Each level will allow players to change their appearance and costumes, making them stand out like never before with a variety of looks. Nick and Tani are the two main characters in the game. The two of you will start with plans together, doing many things that make Ms T angry. Start with each action, making the teacher will have to receive after the times of tormenting students. Download Scary Teacher 3D mod story around the lives of teachers and naughty students.

Download Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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