Sheep Farm MOD APK 1.0.15 (Unlimited money)

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NameSheep Farm APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Sheep Farm opens an interesting farm with these cute sheep all over this space. They are waiting for you to come to carry out the task of taking over. Help them eat, see them grow, and then you are the harvester. You go to sell sheep, even sell them for vast amounts of money. A whole sheep barracks was established with many ambitions ahead. A boss like you still has to do everything because when you do it yourself, you still feel more secure. Gradually, these sheep become intimate with you; they are grateful for taking care of them even though they do not know whether they will be eaten in the future, always making the place come alive.

Sheep Farm

Download Sheep Farm mod – Coexistence and companionship with sheep

Those beautiful sheep have white fur, but Sheep Farm also slightly changes it. At higher levels, players can experience brown, even black sheep. They are also given hats like mighty army leaders. Revamping their appearance is also your task. From a wild place, you choose to hit fertile land; farming is also good. Players must ensure standard planning level and build solid sheep stables. The innovative arrangements will help you more leisurely in breeding. Every day they grow up, they feel happy and grateful for their effort.

Sheep Farm mod

The journey with sheep in Sheep Farm is endless, showing no signs of stopping. This creates more conditions for players to have long-term exposure to them. This companionship becomes more and more interesting because you not only revolve around sheep all day but many other challenges as well. It’s a lot of work, but you’re happy doing it. Looking at sheep is enough to feel satisfied because they have a funny beauty. In addition, the number of sheep also significantly increased, initially only one or two, now dozens of stables are still incomplete. So this giant brings excellent revenue for you, so don’t hesitate to adopt more friends.

Sheep Farm mod apk

Taming wild animals

The new mission besides shepherding your sheep has arrived. You will have to recruit those wild animals to your team and ask them to help you with the breeding. Wolves, dogs, cats, rhinos or mutant sheep. These animals all possess a colourful appearance; they become a large complex. There will also be murderous faces; your task is to tame them to become your people. If you can do that, you have selected future golden talents. They assist in the management and care of the sheep. Please put them in the same cage but ensure no conflict takes a life.

Sheep Farm apk

Boost your business

The core of the challenges you are taking is all about making money. When owning a large fortune, you can choose more valuable things. You can buy more delicacies, renovate and build new farms. Knowing how much to intend depends on the money that you are earning. This business career can only advance, not slow down or decline. The other workers you hire when you’re overworked also need to be paid. They help you manage the farm while you are away. Moreover, they also drive some revenue. For this reason, you must not be indifferent to the mission you are performing.

Sheep Farm apk free

Order more sheep

There is no limit to the number of sheep in a barn at Sheep Farm. In the levels, you divide the screen into two partitions to serve the sheep herding. And at the top is the water pump, whose source is taken directly from the sea. The scenery around you is favourable regarding farming, so there is no need to stress. Next is to choose the breed of sheep you want to raise, with various colours to choose from. With a beautiful appearance on every game screen, you will conquer a breed. Each game screen separates them, so on the net only a particular line of sheep appears. Decorate with unique fur or wear a helmet to look cool.

Sheep Farm runs a sheep-only farm and knows how to feed and see them grow. The management task this time is not too extreme but needs fast movement speed. Your character has to get food to feed them, after which they will squint for you to see. Besides, the wild animals you have tamed also lend a hand to make you idler. Open more sheep farms; each place on the map is filled with your sheep. Download Sheep Farm mod, and experience the days of operating a giant sheep farm.

Download Sheep Farm MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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