Shelter 69 MOD APK 1.4.16 (God mode/Weak enemy/VIP 20/Max Worker x2)

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NameShelter 69 APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Weak enemy/VIP 20/Max Worker x2
SupportAndroid 4.4+

The apocalypse is always an exciting topic to create compelling games. Shelter 69 is one of them. Tells about the journey of rebuilding civilization and humans of a single man on earth. Apply all that remains to reinvent the technology. Take shelter in bunkers throughout the journey to come. Expand them to many different scales to accommodate many special functions. You won’t have to rebuild this civilization alone. Accompanying you are many beautiful girls. They are full of talent and fighting skills to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. You will meet a lot of such people, be prepared to greet them.

Shelter 69 mod

Download Shelter 69 mod – Recreate the world after the apocalypse

The setting in Shelter 69 is a world where the earth has been destroyed to the surface. The reason is that an apocalyptic disaster happened and took the lives of this planet’s inhabitants. Or it’s not because you – the main character – are still alive and do not understand what just happened. Instead, you will accompany the main character on the adventure and search for what remains. You will meet girls with unique abilities and immunity to dangerous environments by chance. They are your companions to survive on a post-apocalyptic earth. And the most crucial thing for survival is a place to live. Here you will start creating survival bunkers.

The bunkers are designed underground to avoid dangerous radiation on the existing surface. Their system consists of interconnected rooms. Each room has a certain role. Either used for daily living or to provide energy, food, and many other factors. Surviving underground will be much more difficult because we will have to go to the surface to find many valuable resources. So sooner or later, we will have to encounter strange creatures. They are a significant threat that you must eradicate. The intense battle for survival will take place for an indefinite time.

Shelter 69 mod apk

Build bunkers and resources

The main activity in Shelter 69 you need to manage the giant bunker. It’s your shelter and many others, so ensure everything is safe. You can build rooms that can be used for many purposes. For example, the living room is intended for new shelters. The higher the number, the more rooms you have to build, or it will be overloaded. The power supply room will do its job right. And you use energy to create new spaces. The pantry doesn’t let anyone starve. Up to a high level will open more diverse rooms. They are all necessary in a world where you have nowhere to go.

Shelter 69 mod apk free

Doomsday inhabitants

You build bunkers for survival. As well as welcoming many people wandering on this dying planet. The girls are your new shelters. It seems they have spent a long time living in perilous circumstances. All have fighting skills to protect themselves. They will be your companions throughout your world reset. Upgrade them and equip them with weapons to fight on the ground. Increase intimacy with some fun and exciting activities. Surely the lonely life after the apocalypse will end very quickly. The girls are waiting for you to pick them up to that bunker.

Shelter 69 mod free

Incredible collection

Saving memories while surviving the apocalypse isn’t a bad idea either. Shelter 69 has a lot of functions for you to capture action shots between you and the girls. To do that, you need to increase the intimacy between you and them by sending them to fight for a long time. Perform daily tasks to manage the bunker. Build new rooms and bring in more new shelters. The number of girls will increase significantly, so you have enough time with them. An excellent way to find more exciting things in the context of the world has just been revived. Do not forget to control the bunker in stable condition.

Shelter 69 free

Shelter 69 gives you a sense of an apocalypse coming to the earth. It is also a long journey to find life and try to survive after the disaster has passed. Build bunkers, and find new shelters. Stay away from unidentified creatures or destroy them if possible. Experience with Shelter 69 mod will be great if you are looking for a game that takes the theme of survival and long-term combat.

Download Shelter 69 MOD APK (God mode/Weak enemy/VIP 20/Max Worker x2) for Android

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