Skater Race MOD APK 2.5 (Unlimited money)

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NameSkater Race APK
PublisherCriss Cross Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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The biggest skateboard challenge awaits players in the game Skater Race. Show off your top skills to get as many rewards as you can. The moving environment is limitless and doesn’t make much sense in terms of limited space, with all the operations that can be done on the smartphone screen. Players have created beautiful combos to impress the audience. But, of course, showing your level will bring you risks. Carefully practice each skill to perform it most proficiently. Then bring it to the races in Skater Race for the top spot. The ultimate skateboarding show has officially begun.

Skater Race mod

Download Skater Race mod – Skateboarding uses a lot of skills

The track in Skater Race is not specifically on the ground. It’s anywhere you can control your skateboard to go. The most impressive and complex are the skyscrapers that you will skate on. It’s hard to imagine how skilled we would be. But the simplest thing you can do is control the skateboard racer with your fingers. Tap the screen to make a jump. From there, we will combine many other operations to create beautiful skills. The main reason players go far in Skater Race is overcoming obstacles. Over time, the movement speed will be increased gradually.

The increasing speed is accompanied by forcing the player to manipulate at the right time and much faster. Skater Race will have difficulty when you have passed the essential part of the game. The feeling of flying between skyscrapers. Meanwhile, showing acrobatic skills with skateboards will make players unforgettable. Each level is arranged with obstacles according to its difficulty. Most of the time, you will need to fail from one to several times to grasp the whole level. Then get through all the traps already in your memory. A way to exercise the brain quite effectively without being too complicated.

Skater Race mod apk

Skateboarding character change

What do you look forward to most in a game with a skating theme? Is it the unlocking and character-changing mechanics? Then Skater Race will completely meet that for you. Gold coins appear on the track at all levels of the game. Collect them with your jumping skills if placed in a high position. These coins are the tools to unlock new characters in the shop. Each character’s prices are reflected in their decorations, shapes, and costumes. This does not affect your skateboarding experience but only makes it unique.

Skater Race mod apk free

Upgrade your skateboard and skills

Skateboards are the primary tool for performing top techniques in Skater Race. And yes, we have the right to upgrade to make it more unique and modern. Also, by using the gold coins picked up through many levels. You will improve the movement speed in the levels. Increase the number of times you perform a jump in the air that defies the laws of physics. Unlock the spin while jumping in the air. You need to learn a new finger operation when you unlock any skill. During the race, remember to use them at the right time. That will get you a lot of gold. Most players make money by performing their skills.

Skater Race mod free

Try some luck

Luck always awaits you after each exciting and dramatic game screen when skateboarding. A random bonus spin will appear, and you get to spin once after each level. The reward and a large amount of gold, can be essential. The key is used to open the mysterious chest you collect on the level. Opening chests will give a chance to get new skills, costumes, or exciting characters… This mechanism indirectly becomes a motivation for players to challenge themselves more. Try to pass as many levels as possible to get mysterious chests. Wait for your luck until you hit a lot of money or the key to open the chest.

Skater Race free

Skater Race gives players a new skateboarding experience and a more adventurous style than ever before. Now you will not compete with other players in skateboard races. It’s on the roofs of the tallest buildings. Challenge your skills in a dangerous environment. Create unlimited characters and receive unexpected lucky rewards. Skater Race mod is suitable for any gamer of all ages and interests.

Download Skater Race MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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