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MOD FeaturesUnlocked skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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If you belong to the first 9x or 10x generation, you are no stranger to the “brick” phones. At that time, when I was a child, having a phone was a very precious thing. Children can only wait when their parents are free to borrow their phones to play. Unfortunately, there weren’t as many games back then as now. Most mobile phones only have classic games like snakes, billiards, or catch the ball. Although they are not complicated and are only black and white, they still make up many people’s childhood. To recreate the memory of a generation and develop a new game, the producer Kooapps Games created So let’s try to see how the modern snake game will be like and different from the classic game of the past. mod

Download mod – Raise snakes

Overall, has the same basic rules as classic games from the old days. All you need to do is help this winding animal collect food on the track. You can easily find this source of nourishment because they are scattered everywhere on the ground. It can be round beads of many colors such as blue, red, orange, pink, or brown. In addition, the bodies of other snakes, when they die, also turn into food in the form of larger pellets. The more you eat, the faster the snake will grow and lengthen very quickly. Move snakes to an area rich in food to save time searching. Many other snakes are competing with your pet. apk

Besides, the new generation snake game –, also has outstanding strengths. If in the past, in the classic game, it had to be very difficult to avoid the snakes stabbing themselves in the tail or body. But at that’s no need to worry anymore. It doesn’t matter if your snake is meters long and bends comfortably. This makes gathering food even faster. Because you don’t need to look for a detour to avoid the snake body, go straight to where the food is. But there’s another thing you shouldn’t let snakes touch. Those are more enormous snakes. So when there is a collision between a small snake and a giant snake, the small snake will have to die. mod apk

Race on leaderboard

The leaderboard is a factor that makes the race in more thrilling. In this playground, it’s not just your snake that monopolizes a screen. Instead, lots of other snakes are also looking for food. Each person’s achievements will be constantly updated on the leaderboard on the right side of the screen. That way, you know where your snake is. Thus, players will have more motivation to try to reach the top 1. You can set records with high achievements and break records yourself if you persevere. Also, invite more friends to play with to challenge them. The more crowded this game, the more thrilling it will be. android

Win exclusive skins

There are two ways for players to distinguish which is their snake. The first is through the name. This is very obvious. The second is through the skins – an extraordinary element. Although the game is called, the outer skins are more diverse. Players can come across the skin of dragons, for example. There is also the form of a pink cat with a long, slender body. Or the shapes of robots are also integrated into this snake game. The variety of looks makes this game even more beautiful and exciting. Thanks to that, it attracts a lot of children. Win to receive valuable, exclusive skins for yourself. apk free

Daily challenge

Race to find food is the mission of throughout. However, you can also participate in daily challenges. These minigames are usually extremely simple. But they have a vast treasure waiting for you to discover. Maybe the player will find quality skin from here. So don’t forget to visit every day. Mark your consecutive appearances and claim attractive rewards. Don’t worry about being in a place without wifi. is entirely free, and playing offline should not affect your experience. It can run smoothly on any device, regardless of offline or online.

The refresh of a classic game has helped the maker of Kooapps Games earn huge revenue. is confident it has succeeded in the game market with over 100 million downloads. Its simplicity and fun make both adults and children fall in love. As long as the player is clever enough to make it a little bit, the snake can be as long as it is. Download mod and race snakes on leaderboards with a global reach.

Download MOD APK (Unlocked skins) for Android

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