Solitaire Home Story MOD APK 1.41.3 (Unlimited money)

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NameSolitaire Home Story APK
PublisherSOFTGAMES Mobile Entertainment Services
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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They are tired of busy jobs or a busy school schedule. Join a game called Solitaire Home Story to relieve stress right away. A game with elements of adventure, decoration, and exceptionally entertaining cards. It’s very new to entertain old houses that go by over time. You can read and explore the stories of the characters in the game at the same time. Not only that but the game players are also challenged with intelligence in their heads. The cards are arranged according to a new algorithm in the game screen. Players of the Solitaire Home Story game will participate in it and gain attractive rewards. Then enjoy everything in this game for players to experience entertainment.

Solitaire Home Story

Download Solitaire Home Story mod – Cards and house decoration

Suppose you want to participate in a card and decoration puzzle game. So the Solitaire Home Story game is an attractive choice for game players who want to have fun in their spare time. Join and get a general look at the simulated cards in the puzzle. Solve the puzzle algorithm of the cards set by the game on the game screen. From there, game players will enjoy the Solitaire Home Story game’s entertainment. Discover everything new when you join the character’s adventure journey. There are additional lessons from the main character’s stories and relationships in the game. The game players themselves will be free to find entertaining relationships in the game.

Solitaire Home Story mod apk free

A novel feature where the game player himself can solve the smart card puzzle. It is possible to redecorate the houses simultaneously to make them more gorgeous and new. Participate in the quests awarded in the Solitaire Home Story game. What awaits is a vast story sky in this game. The player himself will find where the character himself is looking to go. Accompany the main character in this Solitaire Home Story game to get the most fun entertainment experience possible right away, smart game players.

The heroine Alice

To participate in this Solitaire Home Story game, players will start with the character Alice and the stories that happened in the past before. The heroine returns to the old house where she lived in her childhood. It was a farm where the character herself lived happily with both her parents. But her parents had passed away a few years before that. She returned to this farmhouse with so many memories of her old friends. Join the stories of this Alice character to be able to understand and empathize. And then there is a promising future when new joys are around. Make new friends together in the game Solitaire Home Story.

Solitaire Home Story mod android

Redecorate the old house

When the heroine herself, Alice, returns to her old place here. Everything is too old over time. Let’s change the look of the farm in general and this house in particular. Have fun decorating and building a beautiful, gorgeous new look. The house will be decorated according to the rich imagination of this game player. There will be companions to the game players in Solitaire Home Story. They will work hard together with both the game’s heroine Alice. Challenge your new creative ability to color your house and farm. That makes everything so colorful, fresh, and fun again—a good choice for decoration enthusiasts.

Solitaire Home Story mod

Classic game levels

More than 1000 card puzzle challenges and decorations await players. Feel free to experience everything this Solitaire Home Story game brings to the player. Ambition to become a unique genius player by destroying them all. Cards puzzle game levels win items used to decorate the house. Accordingly, the player will make everything more beautiful in the character’s world.

Solitaire Home Story mod apk

Join the game combining decoration and puzzle cards called Solitaire Home Story. There are new entertainment moments to relieve stress. Journeys accompanied by the heroine named Alice. Get more experiences from relationships built in the game. Download Solitaire Home Story mod to join the classic card game and decorate and rebuild the assigned house.

Download Solitaire Home Story MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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