Space Zombie Shooter MOD APK 0.28 (Increase attack, bullets)

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NameSpace Zombie Shooter APK
MOD FeaturesIncrease attack, bullets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If one day zombies rise and attack people, what will you do? Do you run away like a coward or take arms to fight them? If you are ready to participate in this dangerous war, come to the Space Zombie Shooter game. It is an action game by KATbIK STUDIOS. Join this game, and you will play the role of heroes fighting against a large army of zombies. The war does not take place on earth but a spaceship. There was an impostor that spread the virus that caused the zombies to rise. Please pick up your gun and destroy them before the spacecraft is flooded with the undead.

Zombie In Space Shooter mod download

Download Space Zombie Shooter mod –  Pick up your gun and fight to kill the bloodthirsty zombies

The HYPERION space station is a galactic government scientific research facility. An impostor broke in here and released a virus that turned humans into zombies. The galactic government immediately launched a rescue operation. Players will control the soldier sent on a rescue mission. Break into the space station, go to every corner and kill the bloodthirsty zombies. There are many people in the space station waiting for you to rescue. In addition, your main task is to find the impostor who caused this zombie uprising. In the face of the potential dangers of zombies, stay calm and prepare to fight with all your might!

Zombie In Space Shooter mod android

Space Zombie Shooter is played with a top-down perspective. Participants in the role-playing RPG learn how to use weapons to fight zombies. The game has a bit of a horror element, but not too terrible. In addition, sometimes, there is also humor to reduce the tension in the game atmosphere. The appearance of the characters, from zombies to heroes, all look pretty funny. Players can perform missions on spaceships alone. If you get bored, you can invite your friends to join because the game has a two-player mode. You will fight together on one screen.

Zombie In Space Shooter mod apk free

Unlock new quests

Space Zombie Shooter level revolves around fighting zombies on a spaceship. You must complete this level to proceed to the next level. Each time you win, you will receive new skills and powers in the early stages. At all levels after that, each level has skills and bonuses scattered. So collect them because you need extras to upgrade your character. And the skills you get will help you get stronger during that screen time. The later the game, the stronger the zombies, so you have to upgrade to make your character capable of confronting them.

Zombie In Space Shooter mod free

A diverse arsenal of weapons

Massive arsenal of weapons for the soldier to choose from. From rifles classic combat weapons to plasma cannons with great destructive power. Use whatever you find most effective to kill the hordes of crazy zombies. For example, if you encounter one or two zombies, immediately grab a rifle and defeat them. If you have to confront a horde of zombies with dozens, do not hesitate to take out the plasma cannon and wipe them out immediately. Because the number of bullets is not infinite, you need to choose the right weapon to avoid wasting resources.

Zombie In Space Shooter mod apk

Confront dangerous zombies

The common enemies you need to destroy are zombies. It is possible that due to the variation of the virus, the zombies evolved into many different types. There is a type called regular zombies because they are not too prominent. The scary zombies to mention are clown zombies, machete zombies, and especially giant zombies. If the player does not have enough weapons to encounter them, it is best to avoid them. In a battle, it’s not always necessary to go on the offensive. We must know when to fight when to stop to preserve our lives. It is an essential strategy players need to remember.

Zombie In Space Shooter mod

The mission to rescue the spaceship attacked by zombies is very dangerous and extremely interesting. You have to be a courageous person to be willing to participate. Show your fighting skills like a professional mercenary. Masterly use the equipped guns to take the frantic zombies one by one. Download Space Zombie Shooter RPG role-playing mod to join the battle with the most fearsome zombies in the universe.

Download Space Zombie Shooter MOD APK (Increase attack, bullets) for Android

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