Star Healer MOD APK 2.0.6 (Menu/Damage, defence multiplier)

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NameStar Healer APK
PublisherCrazy Rich Game
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defence multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Star Healer goes back in time to the era of the Common Era to uncover the mysteries and join the mighty fighting team. Sakura is the girl you will play this time; her experience will take you to the peak of your emotions. You are in an abandoned situation, and there is a planet that no longer wants to keep you. You had to go and find a new life where you could be yourself. But luck may still smile on her, and Candy Galaxy took action at the right time. This planet full of sweetness saved her and gave her another chance to live. And the journey continues with her, and many thorns and challenges are waiting to be discovered.

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It seemed that Candy Galaxy had helped her for a while, but unexpectedly it was a big challenge. The impending crises are crushing you, a difficult journey. Having just experienced the first shock of being abandoned in a strange place, you need to be much more vital to deal with what is to come. Threats from viruses have also begun to rage, and you will have to commit yourself to big battles directly. The goal is to destroy the monsters that are threatening human life. Exciting but adventurous experiences are the foundation for you to become more extraordinary than ever.

Star Healer apk

This is the playground of a whole team, and like-minded people are placed in a group. Cute characters will accompany you to explore the world and destroy enemies. You will be the conqueror and try to own a powerful team to go further together. You cannot fight alone in this situation and must have someone by your side. From such a group will come many magical strategic moves which can overthrow the evil government. What you need to do now is protect yourself and those around you, ensuring the mission is completed. Go to each experience to achieve many achievements, and renew the property for yourself.

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Immerse yourself in the plot

Once you’ve followed the character line, the plot is something you need to understand. There will be many unexpected details happening in the life of the girl Sakura. The back stories of the factions at Star Healer are full of mysteries and need to be revealed. Small details are also to make a story more attractive and attractive to players. You will follow the traces of the suspects and go deeper to feel. Seek the truth and realize the many hidden things in the world you have just entered. Such an exploration process is meticulous, not to ignore anything. Experience complex relationships between you and other members.

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Cute characters

Star Healer aims at things that look harmonious; the beauty of girls makes us fall in love. Even the maids possessed beauty that others couldn’t take their eyes off. The boys with simple but cool clothes in the eyes of the players. Or beautifully displayed pets to add to your precious collection. The members that you collect are all determining factors for your adventure. They will help you get out of the dangerous circle of your opponent and support you wholeheartedly. The relationships between the characters are interconnected; each individual creates a surprise.

Star Healer mod apk

Fierce battle

When Sakura came to the new world like that, it was impossible to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Unique characters that never appear will also become targets of old hunters that have existed before. You are not out of control and must confront the enemy to protect yourself. Offer a variety of tactics to dodge as many opponent’s counterattacks and attack accurately. Strange things also surprise you; do not think it is the opponent’s playground. The battles cannot be ignored when you have participated in the challenge. Do your best and fight bravely; there is nothing for your teammates to regret.

Star Healer offers many character routes for players to feel more emotional lines. The mysteries hidden behind the characters’ stories will be centered and need you to uncover them. Your whole journey will leave many memories to keep the flow of events until you find out the truth. Let’s thoroughly explore the unfinished things that the game offers, all of which are exciting experiences. Many wars can happen, but you are the one to send them peacefully. That is also the ultimate goal for you to receive valuable prizes. Download Star Healer mod faces many dangers; save this planet.

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