Stellar Wind Idle MOD APK 0.12.1 (Unlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs)

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NameStellar Wind Idle APK
PublisherEntropy Games Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Of all the types of vehicles, perhaps the spaceships operating in space are the most modern. Because they need to be made from unique materials to survive in a zero-gravity environment. Thanks to the development of science and technology, spaceships have helped people discover many new things. Deciphering the mysteries of the galaxy is also the way to find out the answer to the origin of the earth and humans. Now, the competition for power in the world is escalating day by day. Countries and regions are constantly demonstrating their strength. Do you think the same thing happens in the universe? Let’s explore the theory in the game Stellar Wind Idle.

Stellar Wind Idle mod

Download Stellar Wind Idle mod – Experience the fantastic battle between spaceships

Stellar Wind Idle will take you into a galaxy with distinctive blue and purple colors. However, this beautiful galaxy is in danger of being engulfed. This means that the earth and humanity will also be wiped out. Therefore, you cannot stand by and wait any longer. Take action now. The whole galaxy is like uncontrollable chaos. The reason is that the bad guys are plotting to bring the galaxy to doom. The number of opponents is not tiny. Players are forced to become heroes in this world. Consider space as your source of life to dedicate and protect. Don’t give up for any reason because that’s your mission.

Stellar Wind Idle apk

When the players are ready, the battles begin. You will control spaceships in explosive confrontations in space. The unique thing Stellar Wind Idle brings is the ability to work without an internet connection. That means the battle can still occur even if you are offline. Weapons used are ships, so players have the right to choose as much as they want. In Stellar Wind Idle, there are many types of modern spaceships and many functions. You can form an entire fleet of ships in space. Each ship will have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you must use the most suitable ships to win, depending on the situation.

Stellar Wind Idle mod apk

Equip with many unique skills

Stellar Wind Idle’s airships vary from shape to function. That’s why they are rated according to different star levels. Contributing to this rating are the skills a ship is equipped with. For example, at level 1, players can own a ship called Triumph with a one-star level. It has some unique and valuable skills, such as generating sparks from electricity for a short time. Or you can equip it with a victory scream. In addition, the Triumph ship also has other highly new forms of attack. It can be seen right from the first level, but these iron warriors are mighty, aren’t they?

Stellar Wind Idle android

Upgrade your spaceship

Besides the initially available skills, players can also upgrade their battleships. You can customize them in the Modules section next to the Skills section. There are countless options for you to decide how to upgrade your ship. However, the upgrade should be appropriate for the intended use of the ship. For example, rescue and battleships should not use the same equipment because you need to use them in different cases and situations; if you want to remove a previous upgrade, click remove. When you find it too difficult to choose, Stellar Wind Idle can help you. In addition, the manufacturer has launched the Autoequip feature to help the ship automatically upgrade.

Stellar Wind Idle apk free

Travel in open space

Stellar Wind Idle is not only a battle but also a journey of discovery. The alien planets you only used to see on TV are now realistically simulated. Stellar Wind Idle battles can take place in any location in space. This is because this game is located in a vast campaign map scope. Along with that, the plot is also constantly updated and developed. Every nook and cranny of the galaxy is associated with the secrets of Stellar Wind Idle. When standing next to Mars, Saturn, the Sun, and other celestial bodies, you can feel the smallness of man before nature. Protect that vast source of life.

Stellar Wind Idle is an exceptional strategy game. Its highlight is the battle scene in the galaxy – a new and macro space. Because of that, the inventory of battleships is not simple. Modern equipment has the noble purpose of preserving space surrounding the earth. Defend your base and fight non-stop. Download Stellar Wind Idle mod to become a hero in the chaotic galaxy.

Download Stellar Wind Idle MOD APK (Unlimited Alloy, Ancient Orbs) for Android

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