Stick Cricket Live MOD APK 2.1.7 (Menu/Always 6/Auto hit)

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NameStick Cricket Live APK
PublisherStick Sports Ltd
MOD FeaturesMenu/Always 6/Auto hit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Sports are one of the indispensable health-promoting activities in life. The role and development of sports are increasingly vital. Even video game manufacturers do not miss this topic to developing their products. The sports game genre is increasingly gaining a foothold in the market. Among the many options that are becoming mainstream, Stick Cricket Live mod is a name that receives a lot of attention and appreciation. This is a mining game about Cricket batting. Participating in this playground, gamers will enjoy the competitive atmosphere and passionate cheers. It comes from the characters and fans that the game creates. Stick Cricket Live creates the best experiences for its gamers. You will become real Cricket athletes when coming to the game.

Stick Cricket Live mod

Download Stick Cricket Live mod – Exciting Cricket matches

Coming to Stick Cricket Live, players will take on the role of professional players. You will have to participate in duels with your opponents. The epic Cricket arenas and tournaments in the game will make players have to spend a lot of effort to conquer. The competitive mentality that each player will experience is as accurate as if you were playing on the field directly. It’s completely different from what you’re used to watching matches on television or in the stands. Going into the game and playing hard is what you can do.

Stick Cricket Live mod apk

Stick Cricket Live does not place much emphasis on character control. The game companies have tried to minimize the redundant operations as much as possible. The two teams will take on different roles. If you choose to be the hitter, your opponent will be the pitcher and vice versa. Depending on the game’s location, the player’s skill requirements will vary. As a hitter, you have to try to judge the direction of the ball. Then move flexibly to positions that can effectively block. In the position of pitching, the player must take advantage of powerful throws and complex flight paths. They will make it harder for the opponent to hit the ball.

Stick Cricket Live mod download

Unlock the stadiums

New stadiums will bring different feelings of competition. Stick Cricket Live has created a lot of stadiums for players to explore and experience. These stadiums are associated with the players’ journey to conquer glory. They are located in places and countries around the world. Each stadium has its fan system. The designs and contexts in each stadium also have no overlap. Therefore, players will not feel bored and boring. It’s like a combination tour in the character’s career.

Stick Cricket Live mod free

Level affirmation

The opportunity to assert your talent is always open in Stick Cricket Live. It is judged by the achievements and the number of points the player has achieved. How many levels you can conquer is the most evident proof. It should be understood that the higher the level, the stronger your opponents. Your chances of winning are also reduced. Take advantage of the ability to upgrade to continuously improve. It will help you get an edge when participating in rugged and tough matches.

Stick Cricket Live mod android

Connect with friends via Facebook

The feature of linking with Facebook is also a notable point. In Stick Cricket Live, the player’s achievements are entirely shareable with everyone. The power of social tools will bring people together. Download Stick Cricket Live mod to become a professional soccer player and assert the leader’s talent on the field.

Download Stick Cricket Live MOD APK (Menu/Always 6/Auto hit) for Android

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