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NameStickman Ninja Fight APK
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Which hero impressed you and is remembered forever? In Japan, the ninja is a monument complex for any character to beat. This is not a fictional character because ninjas have appeared in the land of cherry blossoms since the 14th century. If compared with modern terminology, perhaps mercenary is the most suitable alternative name for ninja. They all have typical characteristics of fast attack speed, accurate attack, and excellent identity hiding. Do you want to challenge yourself in a mortal battle between ninjas? If yes, come immediately to the game Stickman Ninja Fight produced by MANA to own this incredible experience.

Stickman Ninja Fight apk

Download Stickman Ninja Fight mod – Join the magical journey of ninja

Stickman Ninja Fight introduces a challenging but equally poetic journey of ninjas. Coming to this game, you will directly join the squad and join the trip with these heroes. Ninja warriors come from all over the world but share a single goal. It is fighting against the forces of darkness. Although it is an action game, Stickman Ninja Fight is not difficult to control. Attack buttons have been designed on the screen to create convenience for players when fighting. Therefore, Stickman Ninja Fight players only need to touch to attack. Decide what the last critical strike to finish off your opponent after the long battle is.

Besides attacking, players also need to focus on protecting their lives. Before the opponent attacks, you need to dodge or jump to defend. The left corner of the screen shows your strength bar. Stay tuned, and don’t let it go to 0%. Otherwise, the ninja will die, and you have to start over. You must attack the opponent’s side until their ability bar reaches 0% to win. Each victory contributes to your experience increase. Please don’t pass up the chance to face any challenges in the different modes, as they can give you progress day by day. Many unique sounds, graphics, and effects will add to your fighting spirit.

Stickman Ninja Fight mod apk

Build the strongest ninja team

To confront dangerous enemies, ninjas cannot fight alone. Players need to create a ninja squad that gathers the most powerful warriors. In Stickman Ninja Fight, you have 40 choices for building and setting up a squad. Despite having the body of a stickman and not having a face design, the ninjas can still be distinguished. First, they own different outfits and hairstyles. In addition, when choosing a character, you can rely on the names of these heroes. Each ninja’s information panel will have their name, level, and stats related to their health and combat. So many different personalities and abilities will create the strongest squad.

Stickman Ninja Fight android

Proficient in many combat skills

In Stickman Ninja Fight, there are more than 300 fighting skills. Included with each hero is their unique set of combat skills. The remarkable thing is that each level will unlock the skills in Stickman Ninja Fight. Therefore, players who want their ninjas to become invincible need to help them upgrade and develop constantly. Upgrading and improving skills doesn’t happen overnight. On the contrary, you have to be persistent and persistent. For example, ninja Kakashi unlocks three skills at level 23 but can only get a new ability until level 30. Thus, it can be seen that Stickman Ninja Fight’s upgrade system is very diverse and easy to use but requires a lot of effort.

Stickman Ninja Fight apk free

Explore the deep storyline

Integrating with the tough battles brought by the ninjas is an engaging storyline. The producer helped create ten episodes associated with 300 levels of Stickman Ninja Fight. Besides, there are more than 40 maps to explore exclusively for you. The big goal of killing the enemy remains unchanged. However, depending on the developments, players can experience different situations. As always, the story is the factor that boosts the player’s fighting spirit. In addition, it also helps the ninja understand the purpose and meaning of their victory. Through the plot, you will learn how the enemy originated and the reason for the hatred between the two sides.

Although ninja games are not too strange, Stickman Ninja Fight is different. This action game includes dozens of updated elements to keep you hooked. Let’s unite and, together with your teammates, overcome all difficulties. Many effects on sound, light, or action in Stickman Ninja Fight will not disappoint you. Download Stickman Ninja Fight mod and become the strongest ninja team in the world.

Download Stickman Ninja Fight MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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