StrikeFortressBox MOD APK 1.8.06 (God mode/Free shopping/Instant kill)

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NameStrikeFortressBox APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Free shopping/Instant kill
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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StrikeFortressBox journey to conquer the top gun players with many new skills. Players are granted the right to build a base and explore the entire map included in this challenge. You are also the inventor of specialized weapons, especially guns. The city is perfected every day, it’s your effort. Fighting with other enemies is also your mission. Overcoming difficulties, achieving many great goals, and being determined to conquer the field. In addition to the difficulties you have to go through, conquering a new land is also a concern, continuously expanding your territory.

StrikeFortressBox mod

Download StrikeFortressBox mod – Glorious online shooting

The challenging moments officially started, the opening was the gun battle. The sound of double gunfire makes you feel barbaric because of its alarming power. Players must master all their weapons so the opponent cannot counterattack. Shoot continuously at the opponent, moving to the terrain included in the map of StrikeFortressBox. Every battle is rooted in conflict, you have become the target of the enemy. Unable to run away, there was only one way to confront those bastards directly. Your shooting career will improve if you work hard to participate in daily challenges and actively challenge your opponent.

StrikeFortressBox apk free

StrikeFortressBox offers multiplayer, sandbox, team, or solo combat. With the essential features of a console, you also have to use your extra energy. Wars always have their explosive way, depending on your talent and how fierce the field will be. Determined to take the top position while eliminating quite a few disruptive forces. The shooting challenge is still the primary goal that the game aims at, investing in visuals and techniques inside. Get a quality gun, and train yourself for an engaging performance. Shoot continuously without stopping, controlling the number of bullets you release.

StrikeFortressBox mod apk

Weapon conquest

StrikeFortressBox set up 30 guns with different outstanding features. Players can choose any weapon as long as it makes them confident in front of their opponent. Collect all kinds to fight, you have set up a remarkable feat. Drastic in each match, actively upgrade the gun so that it can work. Go into the store, choose to get a classy steed, here is the gun. The excellent assistant of each player also needs to improve every day, especially after each match. The process of upgrading the gun is also fast, win a match, and you are eligible for the promotion. Own various guns, and take a step further in the field.

StrikeFortressBox android

Use media

Players need to buy a quality cars to move around the city. The type of vehicle is a mainly large volume, like the action cars, which is suitable for combat. Cars on land and helicopters in the sky are expensive. A boss with large yards of land can buy himself a considerable steed. Sitting in the car is also enough space to make significant disputes. Turn those vehicles into new tools for you to complete the bombardment mission. Unfortunately, sitting in the car is not sure if you are safe or confident to fly a helicopter to escape; all must be operated according to strategy.

StrikeFortressBox apk

Explore the map

The map in StrikeFortressBox is large enough for players to exploit as they like. High-rise buildings appear one after another, it also helps you avoid danger. With 12 stylish maps, players can freely prove their abilities. Use a car to take you to the location you need to mine. Turn primitive lands and barren deserts into new cities or professional arenas. The more you accept a challenge from a new player, the more you have to prove that you are not. The product quality of each house will be laid as a solid foundation. Exploring the entire map is also when you become an unsurpassed master in shooting.

StrikeFortressBox recruits players who are worthy of professional gun skills. Many ways to choose the god of war but mainly based on your skills. Clever tactics will be appreciated in previous trials. Overcome each difficulty, and go to powerful variations to upgrade. Use the professional promotion system specifically for cars or helicopters. Many vehicles were born, and the city was built, waiting for you to show up. Take on many roles at once, so players need to ensure balance. Download StrikeFortressBox mand od, and perform shooting with impressive moves against evil enemies.

Download StrikeFortressBox MOD APK (God mode/Free shopping/Instant kill) for Android

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