Stupid Zombies MOD APK 3.4.4 (Unlimited air strike)

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NameStupid Zombies APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited air strike
SupportAndroid 4.4 +
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Stupid Zombies zombies are back; they have called their teammates to attack you. You alone will have to deal with those zombies, and they are approaching you. Although their movement speed is relatively slow, it does not mean you can comfortably fight. The number of bullets you shoot should be enough to kill them, and one bullet can kill 2 to 3 zombies. One by one, they have to go; you are trying to make the highest score. Terrain strategy is essential for this challenge, and only you can save bullets. Use flexibly the weapons you own, shoot at speed, and let them fly away immediately.

Stupid Zombies android

Download Stupid Zombies mod – Free humanity from evil zombies

You are fighting hard whether you have an advantage in your favor. Decisive battle like never before so that the zombie team looks at you, and you must be terrified. Sometimes you stand on the ground; when you are high, depending on the terrain, it changes flexibly. You will need specialized tools to increase the speed of battle. Players cannot wait for each bullet to deal with each object, group them and destroy a bunch. So just finished quickly, but finally, your weapon still has plenty of ammo for the next battle. Wisely calculate for each shot, widen the range and precisely align the speed.

Stupid Zombies mod

Stupid Zombies always surprise players with the horror of zombies. Their face looks familiar, but how they act will make you attractive. The player must not only deal with the giant zombies but also eliminate the talents of that team that are flitting around you. If there is any danger next to you, please destroy it in time, do not let things go too far. You also have a certain amount of health, so try to maintain it so you don’t have to end it, unfortunately. On the one hand, you make victories; it doesn’t exist; it depends only on the will. Confidently act with the plan that you have predefined, solving everything quickly.

Stupid Zombies apk

Use a professional shooting gun

Just a tiny gun is enough for you to make a historic match. The number of bullets is limited and has been mounted on the screen for your convenience to follow, look at it, and have a strategy to shoot shots. It should not be used wastefully to make you lose the game of Stupid Zombies. The barrel is solid, there will be about four bullets fired, and there are dozens of zombies. It shows that you are very careful with your actions. Every shooting decision must be within the estimate; a step away from the war is considered a waste of time. Use your weapon skillfully and spend time upgrading it. Collect loot to add energy to your gun based on the victory in each level.

Stupid Zombies mod apk

Take advantage of any terrain

The maps Stupid Zombies set out for players all have estimated. You can discover many types to take on the challenge. They will be designed in the form of placing barricades to facilitate the firing of bullets outside. Players rely on those barriers to choose an angle to shoot so that a bullet hits them and shoots out in many directions. Correct angle alignment is essential, taking advantage of all possibilities to shoot. Each set of terrain contains zombies, the number of which increases with each level you participate in. Shoot up or down to kill the zombies one by one. Explore all the terrain the game has created for your day and night.

Stupid Zombies apk free

Get the perfect score

Performing challenges when successful will gain reward points as well as corresponding loot. Your ability will be recognized by Stupid Zombies after each end. You score high, and the loot you get is the best, which is also something for you to exchange for more powerful energy. Kill zombies quickly, and you will get a high score, depending on your professionalism. You have to be very cunning to play this team of mummies again. They are brainless but know how to counterattack and take what you have. They are more cunning than you think, so don’t hesitate to kill them to get points. So, where you stand in the rankings depends on your ability.

Stupid Zombies become the strong man to deal with the raging sly zombies. Put yourself in danger to save humanity, and sacrifice for people in the universe. With that noble mission, you will be honored by everyone when you achieve great success. Use your skills to deal with that horde of evil mummies in no time. The moment of firing bullets must be meaningful; accurately aligned before pulling the trigger. Download Stupid Zombies mod is the last hope of humanity before the team of zombies destroys the world.

Download Stupid Zombies MOD APK (Unlimited air strike) for Android

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