Sugar Hunter MOD APK 1.2.9 (Auto win)

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NameSugar Hunter APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Sugar Hunter participates in challenging match-3 matches, a way to train the mind. With this game, you only need to perform a few simple steps to have yourself a glorious victory. Play on many levels to prove your prowess and the candies that make a name for themselves. The colorful sweetness of the game has made you strangely infatuated. Looking at those beautiful candies, you seem to want to swallow them inside to complete the mission. But it can’t be in such a hurry, and everything has a slow solution. Slow and steady can sometimes be good for you at this point; calm in front of the waves the game gives.

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Download Sugar Hunter mod – Destroy obstacles to succeed

Fruits and candies are the two main themes of Sugar Hunter, which is filled with cuteness. Bears are also present, bringing pink to calm the outbursts of energy. You can create more than three tiles of the same color to get great energy releases. You can be overwhelmed by their destruction or integrate a lot of support after each victory. With four boxes of the same color, you get one red candy pack; continue combining the two packs and wait for the explosion. Like war bombs, that release cannot be controlled. Use flexibly the items you have to finish the level quickly.

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Going through many different levels, you have the opportunity to mature and the brain to be more active. Intelligence is improved, and sharpness and sensitivity are increased. It was so good and entertaining but with questionable results. Energy is unlimited but turns count as standard. Players must weigh and measure to have the most appropriate and accurate steps. Maybe thanks to that, you can win faster and still have more turns to play. This proves that you are talented and capable of completing the challenge. Solve those puzzles quickly, paying attention to the goal and the number of items you need to harvest.

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Free the pink bear

The bear is considered Sugar Hunter’s symbol, as the player’s main character to complete the mission. Each bear is positioned differently on each table, usually in the corners. To save those bears, you must regroup as many cells of the same color as possible. Red goes with red, green with blue, and the same goes for the colors of fruits and sweets. When taking the bear out, you will receive valuable rewards such as a quick energy release. It will help you a lot in the following rounds; collect it. The flying pink bear shows that you have brought the bear home safely and accepted it into your trophy bag.

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Connect the candies

Sugar Hunter has a rule that every three candies of the same color, you will merge and free that tile. More can be 4.5 or a whole long horizontal series. The more combinations you can combine, the more you create a solid stepping stone for you to go deep into the inner ring. Crush candies of the same color and make them explode. By doing so, the player has increased by one step to unlock the next level. A world of delicious desserts also poses a challenge. Please don’t act like you didn’t make the candies broken; the more they explode, the more impressive they are. Perfect combinations make players excited and see their abilities.

Sugar Hunter mod apk

Test on each level

Over 1000 diverse levels of play, Sugar Hunter has created a surprise right from the first discovery. Each group will pose a different challenge for you; the level of regulation on the number of items to get is also different. That way, new players can adapt and improve their playing level. Level numbers are shown on the center of the playing screen; look at the corners to receive challenges. There are times when you need five cakes or when you need to break the ice from the fruit. Whatever the task is, it is straightforward, with only the up and down turns to solve. Your happy face is also evident, and your arms are raised high to show determination.

Sugar Hunter opens up the whole world of nature; flowers and fruits are designed to be eye-catching. The sweetness that has gone deep inside you is hard to forget. In addition to the daily gift, join the event to receive the jackpot. Those rewards keep accumulating more significant and more prominent and help you shop. Just choose the supporting energies to be effective, and explore with you. The toolbars are also placed at the end; click select in case of secret. Based on the amount to harvest and the previously arranged turn, calculate the move. Download Sugar Hunter mod to riot the fruit and candy garden and immerse in the boom.

Download Sugar Hunter MOD APK (Auto win) for Android

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