Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist MOD APK 2.0.5 (Dumb enemy)

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NameSupreme 3D Stickman Duelist APK
PublisherBOLD CAT
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Enjoy a new fighting style you’ve never seen before at Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist. In this game, you must always keep yourself in the air and take down your enemies. Falling or losing all health means a complete loss. Rotate enemies in the air and deal continuous damage. Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist has completely changed the gameplay of an adventure game. Now it doesn’t matter what new power you have gained. Ingenuity is always the top priority in completing the level. Enemies will appear continuously, so focus on your flight path. Collide and destroy all enemies to keep moving forward.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod

Download Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod – Hunt down enemies with a unique style

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist is implemented on a vertical screen so it can be played with a single hand. You will use your finger to control the main character to rotate his weapon in continuous directions. The goal is to touch the enemy, deal damage, and knock them down. All enemies and players have their health bar in battle. Attack until the enemy’s health bar is depleted, and you will finish him off. Then new enemies will appear immediately with increased power. So here’s a power-up challenge just for you. There’s no way to deal more damage than swinging the weapon back and forth.

Players can reach individual levels to show each player level. Once you overcome many simple enemies, the game will increase the difficulty. The number of enemies can be significantly increased. Or, if it is the single-player mode, the enemy will be equipped with weapons. Add a bit of difficulty in your process of defeating them. The fight doesn’t stop unless you press the button to pause. Because when the enemy is destroyed, a new name will appear to attack you. Don’t forget to upgrade yourself and unlock power-ups to make it easier to overcome challenges. We’ll talk about that now in the next section.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod apk

Weapons with new uses

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist players always start with a reasonably simple-looking nunchaku. Its damage is average and not very stable yet. However, it is very suitable for slow play and should be given to any new player. After a few stages and having earned a certain amount of money, we will begin to upgrade our weapons. Possibly a large katana with an extensive range of slashes. Or a hand ax with a short range but very significant damage. There is a whole list of weapons with moderate prices for your reference. Decide to buy a gun to use that best suits your playstyle.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod apk free

Change warrior appearance

The main character in the game that you will control is also free to change his outfit and style. Collect crystals that appear in levels and as you battle. Use those crystals to unlock more unique new outfits. Changing a bit of the experience when playing the game is not bad at all. Transforming into a ninja feels like a stealthy assassination mission. Or the zombie appearance looks very evil and funny. Besides, there are dozens of other looks for you to wear on the character. A way to differentiate yourself in battle. All costumes do not affect the strength of the character in the game.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod free

Experience the many ways of killing

There are two main game modes in Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist. The first is the 1vs1 battlefield that was introduced earlier. You will defeat the enemy in a duel. The next one will appear if he is defeated, and you have to fight with your remaining health. Rest assured, because there is always a healing point to ensure your fitness when fighting. The second mode will be team-based and a bit more exciting. You and five other players will confront each other, and the last survivor will win. Like a Battle Royale, but on a smaller scale, right? You will be rewarded for collecting weapons and beautiful looks regardless of the game mode.

Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist free

Tosses enemies into the sky and doesn’t give them any chance to counterattack. Alone against many enemies at once. Or compete for the title of the last survivor in a tough battle. Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist can be played either chaotically or with intense concentration. No missing or wrong moves will be the recipe for victory in Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist mod.

Download Supreme 3D Stickman Duelist MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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