Swat King MOD APK 1.2 (Menu/Unlocked weapon)

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NameSwat King APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked weapon
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Being a soldier on the SWAT team means a lot of dangers to go through every day. You will feel that more and more if you experience Swat King. The game allows players to role-play as a member of the SWAT task force. Every day you have to solve cases and fight crime. The job brings a lot of dangers, but in return is the benefit of top-notch combat skills. A part also comes from players when it requires you to have a specific experience. Even if you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter. Swat King will guide you through the essential step until you become well versed in SWAT teamwork.

Swat King mod

Download Swat King mod – Suppress crime and master skills

All battles in Swat King have a bottom-up display. You can fully observe all objects and enemies on the map. What to do and master is how to move and shoot down enemies with special weapons. Being a SWAT member means having a packed list of tasks to complete. SWAT warriors have very little time to rest but still ensure their strength. The game screen in Swat King is primarily about killing and arresting wanted criminals. Sometimes have to perform hostage rescue missions. Capture or destroy enemy bases. There are many ways for you to show off your skills.

Because the game screen is deployed according to the screen from the bottom up, you don’t need to align the gun at different heights. There are only two directions of the joystick, left or right. This shooting experience is much simpler and suitable for all players to reach. Enemies and friends have their health bars and will be killed when they run out of health bars. The war in Swat King will be beautiful, with a system of maps, weapons, tasks, and object layouts that do not overlap. Each game screen must require a different strategy to win. Prepare yourself for campaigns to break into the lair of criminals. Arrest dangerous people who influence society.

Swat King mod apk

Epic special weapons

Joining the task force is also a good opportunity for you to access many modern equipment and weapons. They are always the most advanced versions because of the dangerous nature of SWAT. A special forces fighter must always storm the enemy base first. Find information for teammates and destroy enemies if possible. Therefore, this is a difficult challenge and easy to defeat if you ignore it. Fortunately, Swat King is not that difficult. You will have access to all kinds of firearms, from rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles… All types of grenades, suppression shields, enemy detection drones… Getting used to them will cost quite a bit. That’s a lot of time.

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Constantly changing tactics

Swat King is a game where you must have a list of many tactics to destroy the island. Because each of its levels represents an entirely different task, maybe in this level, you will confront criminals hiding in a building. But in the next level, we have to rescue the hostages in the abandoned house. The terrain is constantly changing with facilities, placement of objects… Don’t think it doesn’t matter when the enemy can hide in the corner and rush to attack you. Carefully prepare spy devices that monitor every nook and cranny. Instantly move when not detecting enemies. Each mission must be completed to a near-perfect level.

Swat King mod free

Relax with another mode

If the work of a SWAT warrior is too stressful and makes you feel tired. Then fighting the unending horde of the undead would be more enjoyable. Swat King isn’t just focused on the task force’s journey. This game also offers other attractive modes for players to entertain in many ways. The most popular is the battle mode with the undead legion. You will be placed in an area where the undead prowls every corner. Go around and find weapons before they tear you to pieces. Replace boring crime confrontation missions. Together with friends, saving the world from the undead will be much more enjoyable.

Swat King free

Simple character control for players to focus on combat. Protect the hostages and destroy the criminals that are roaming the city. Join the SWAT task force with a dangerous mission but challenge your high skills. Or entertain with the zombies after hours of intense study and work. Swat King mod is suitable if you do not want to play shooting too complicated.

Download Swat King MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked weapon) for Android

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