Swordash MOD APK 2.0.11 (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers)

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NameSwordash APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Swordash shows your skill to use and take over this world. Malicious enemies are attacking humanity; you become the only hero capable of re-invading them. Defeat as soon as possible; how long your journey lasts is up to you. With intense enough power, you will advance to further attacks. Reach for great glory; take your tactics outside to act on your opponents. That monster will not stop attacking you; they want to put you in the most challenging situation. The battles take you to the top but require many professional skills. Smash the people who made things worse and successfully put down the rebellion.

Swordash apk

Download Swordash mod – Play as a powerful heroine

Around you now, a lot of relationships force you to stand up. The challenges with zombies are increasing, and all kinds of zombies appear. You face such a large force with this small body. Can you make it? Your score increases as the enemies are destroyed, stacking points continuously and giving the final result. Multiple skills are performed at the same time; the weapons also activate at the same time. The combined power launched with expensive tactics will make you stand out from the other enemies. So, surf smoothly on the furious waves of zombies, swing your sharp sword at a series of opponents, and they will fall instantly.

Swordash android

Swordash creates an opportunity for you to show off; it’s a pity to miss any moment. You must reach higher and give more powerful jumps to catch more moments. There was nowhere to run because the frenzied enemies surrounded the dungeon. The whole space here makes you have to own the spirit of steel; the results will be visible on the screen. You need to touch zombies to score points; the number of points keeps increasing non-stop. That’s what a hero needs to prove, can you? The challenge is like that, but many rewards await you ahead. Especially the healing power energies you should possess to save your life.


Various types of weapons and equipment

Swordash showed a whole range of weapons to serve this war, including many pieces of equipment. Indispensable pistols, rifles, sharp swords, eyeglasses, armor, and long boots look fantastic. Players who own a whole collection of this are incredibly cool, freely choosing the outfit they like. Each combination is different, and playing at each level is a new look. The weapons also have increasing levels; you should own them in every situation. All are new arrivals, constantly updated so that you are eligible to fight. Diversity is like that, but it is necessary to trade off the spoils after winning, not losing.

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Unlock breakthrough power

The heroine alone can’t stand up to a high level of terror. Players are forced to use the power mascot; they create overflowing energy in each match. They are small, but the martial arts are extensive, with just one shot of lightning, the opponent is immediately defeated. Choose from mascots of orange fire, red blood, and purple lightning. Owning those powerful cards is enough for you to use in matches. They will be placed in a circle icon on the right-hand side. Players use them flexibly and use them in the most subtle cases. In critical situations, you should ask this mascot to lend a hand.

Swordash mod apk

Types of zombies

Enemy zombies always know how to transform themselves to overwhelm players. First, in terms of appearance, Swordash shapes them in various ways, taking on all shapes. Possibly the shape of a tree, its neck extended and turned in all directions, its green hair forming like clusters of leaves. Then there are zombies, like regular zombies carrying saws or sticks. In addition, they dress like beggars, hovering around to surround you. That is a considerable disadvantage, only being able to deal with the crowd can be safe. In addition, players also face big bosses, like giant monsters. These types must be careful and have enough tricks to defeat them.

Swordash witnessed the bloody moment of the evil zombies. Use your hands to use swords and guns to destroy their way of life. What they bring to the world is only bitterness and chaos, messing everything up and making it hard for everyone. Not even humanity could suppress that overwhelming force. But when your hero appears, everything is different. Download Swordash mod, prove your sword skills, destroy all zombies, and claim justice for the world.

Download Swordash MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers) for Android

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