Tabou Stories MOD APK 2.20 (Unlimited diamonds, tickets)

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NameTabou Stories APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds, tickets
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Entering the world of Tabou Stories mod, players will feel a new moment. With colours that exude a romantic look, you can guess what part. But to know more than that, players will have to explore it directly. This adventure will be like a movie where you have to spin everything. The details around the main character will bring a new feeling to you. The richness and attraction will be pushed further if you are willing to interact with the secondary characters. Surely you will not want to stop until your character finds true happiness. Then join the game at Tabou Stories to do that!

Tabou Stories mod apk

Download Tabou Stories mod – Enjoy an exciting life

Coming to Tabou Stories, players will become the perfect main character. A series of stories in the TV series has been built. The character will be auditioned for romantic fun. The main situations will be simulated just like in real life. There are tons of things you can do to make life there more enjoyable. It is the mystery that Tabou Stories brings that has captivated many people. They even leave positive comments and reviews to encourage people to try. Therefore, the game constantly brings new details. From there, a lot of goodwill from the participants can be obtained.

Tabou Stories mod free

Right from the start, Tabou Stories has shown the simplicity of operations. So, even if this is your first experience, it will be easy for you to grasp. The main character here is presented with a beautiful and feminine appearance. Even just by looking at it, you can see the charm in that face. To continue, the player will make a selection in the menu bar on the main screen. You can learn and explore them easily. Remember, your own decisions will lead to the character’s actions. So, you can completely control the life and fate of this beautiful girl.

Tabou Stories mod download

Try new styles

Although your main character already has natural beauty. But to be able to create a highlight and attract the opponent, you must help her change. Dressing up in gorgeous clothes with different styles will be the fastest way. You can go to Tabou Stories’ locker to search. Your beautiful character will have a lot of choices for costumes. If you regularly pay attention and care, you will create many new styles. Before the case story begins, you will be done. Impress your opponent to get a perfect score!

Tabou Stories mod android

Discover many thrilling details

Tabou Stories brings all kinds of romance to you. Which is the moment of love, drama, LGBT… Depending on personal preferences, players can choose the most suitable situation. That will open up unique colours and emotional aftertaste and be the most genuine. Some of the most typical stories include Office Affair, Bodyguard, Auction, Billionaire’s Darling, etc. Characters will be exposed to many emotional frames according to the happenings in each situation. You won’t need to rush to finish the story, which will be the one who listens and follows the psychology of this main character.

Tabou Stories mod

Develop more relationships

The most intimate relationships will appear after each story you experience. If the character and the opponent can be lovers, there are also cases of becoming enemies. Therefore, players have to pay a lot of attention. From there, promising developments can be created. For example, downloading the Tabou Stories mod enters new relationships to build the best.

Download Tabou Stories MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds, tickets) for Android

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