Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK (Menu/Gem multiplier)

Updated 11 months ago
NameTalking Tom Time Rush APK
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu/Gem multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Take part in the races in a new world in this exciting simulation game. Talking Tom Time Rush is an extraordinarily engaging and novel racing simulation adventure game. Bringing game players into harrowing chases between cute cats is cute. It will feel very comfortable when participating in a game of conquering endless challenges. Have fun with straightforward and relaxing gameplay. The difficulty is waiting for the players of this game in front of the obstacles. Do not hesitate to participate in the game Talking Tom Time Rush and then race extremely thrilling and strict with the theft missions of lovely cats that need to be stopped. Run and run continuously without stopping for a moment and dodging objects.

Talking Tom Time Rush mod apk free

Download Talking Tom Time Rush mod – Chase the stolen cat

A mysterious cat appeared when the lovely characters found a way to open the magical gate leading to a new mysterious world. This cat stole the precious stone and hid behind the game gate. From there, the characters will race to catch that stolen black cat. Regain the gem that that black cat stole from the strange new world portal. Journeys take place from place to place to new odd places. Unique locations come with challenges welcoming players—talking Tom Time Rush with players to explore and conquer the most fun challenges. Experience a great and entertaining game after hours of tiring study.

Talking Tom Time Rush mod android

Immerse yourself in an endless race and chase between cat characters. Adorable cats expect game players to join Talking Tom Time Rush for adventure and experience overcoming the toughest challenges. The vast world, as well as gift points for game players. Plunge into the chases that take place every day, followed by a massive bag of money. Rise above them all and claim the best trophies in Talking Tom Time Rush. Unlock new obstacles waiting for game players to participate in the trial.

Speed up and run fast

Cross the roads and obstacles placed in front of the characters. The cats will compete with each other to run fast across everywhere. Go through all the streets and dodge all the strange objects in front of you. Talking Tom Time Rush takes place continuously when the mysterious thief black cat runs extremely fast. He would not be easily caught once the stone was in his hand. Obstacles will appear with challenges for players of this game. Talking Tom Time Rush requires game players to react to situations very quickly to avoid being blocked, making it impossible to catch up with the opponent, the black cat thief. Continuously plugin and run when the speed of the game Talking Tom Time Rush bandit faster and faster.

Talking Tom Time Rush

Cute cat character

Adorable cats are waiting for players in the Talking Tom Time Rush game. Join the thrilling story of the cute cats in the game. The cats are a group of close friends looking forward to adventures together. Be challenged with countless cat characters in this chase adventure game. Characters such as Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger, and Becca. Play as those cats to go on an adventure and chase the robber. The journey takes place, and the player is immersed in the game’s races. Talking Tom Time Rush brings a captivating experience with cat characters. The game’s journey has already begun, and what are you waiting for? Quickly choose your favorite cat character to join the adventure.

Talking Tom Time Rush mod min

The outfit and the car

Given to the cars and the infinity costumes are excellent in the game. Talking Tom Time Rush has a unique furniture and vehicle system that welcomes players. Challenge the limits, as skins are constantly being dropped along the way. Bring on the cat’s beautiful costumes according to the player’s liking. Talking Tom Time Rush has the powerful support of super-fast cars.

Talking Tom Time Rush mod apk

In the adorable cat adventure game Talking Tom Time Rush, race and explore a world. Save to the game are endless chase journeys that never end. Download Talking Tom Time Rush mod role-playing cute cats racing on the roads and overcoming obstacles.

Download Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK (Menu/Gem multiplier) for Android

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