Tankr.io MOD APK 8.6 (Dumb enemy)

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NameTankr.io APK
PublisherHello Games Team
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Enjoy tank battles but in a more straightforward and more accessible way. Tankr.io once caused a craze and a large number of visitors. Mainly because of its fast, funny gameplay mixed with its exciting competition. Everyone wants to show off their skills with unique and cute tanks. However, they are dangerous weapons with enormous destructive power. Therefore, to complete the perfect match, it is necessary to have a strong enough tank. Learning about tanks in Tankr.io is not difficult at all. It is easy to win a game if you have enough luck.

Tankr.io mod

Download Tankr.io mod – Challenge to win with luck and strength

Tankr.io allows players to fight freely and move anywhere on the battlefield map. The goal is to destroy other players’ tanks to accumulate scores. The player who kills the most tanks will be at the top and gain many attractive gifts. We will explore many other game modes in the next section. All will control their tanks to move and fight in real-time. The tank’s status is shown by the health bar right above it. It also makes it easy to monitor the game’s progress to decide whether to fire or not. Every battlefield requires tactics and meticulous calculations to win.

Use the Joystick to move the tank 360 degrees anywhere on the map. On the other side of the screen will be two buttons that perform the attack function. One is to fire unlimited basic bullets or to shoot limited giant cannons. The key to fighting in Tankr.io is to keep moving and attacking your opponents. Because the tanks all have a very high rate of fire, the number of bullets flying out is also a lot, so if you don’t move and dodge, you will be quickly defeated. This mechanism makes the speed of each game breakneck and challenging to control. The player who possesses the proficiency will be the one holding the advantage.

Tankr.io mod apk

Getting to know the tank system

Tanks are the primary tool for you to win in Tankr.io. We need to understand it sufficiently to unleash its breakthrough power in battle. To increase the variety of the battlefield, each will have its abilities and strengths. They also have their own unique, memorable names. Depending on the capabilities and skills available, the role of the tank will be decided in the battle. It can be in and out of confrontation to unleash continuous fire, responsible for destroying enemies to give the team an advantage. Or take a support role with various skills to heal, harass and annoy the enemy. A solid and cohesive team requires multiple roles.

Tankr.io mod apk free

Advanced map

Tankr.io’s map system also dramatically affects the tactics and gameplay around your tank and your teammates. Each map has a distinct design with hiding areas and many tactical retaining walls. Depends on the tank you and your teammates have chosen. Their gameplay will also significantly affect the map and vice versa. Some types of tanks will be solid if played on specific maps to make them easier to understand. But that’s not so important if you play for fun and have funny moments. Can create a team full of attack or support tanks. That will make the battle much more entertaining.

Tankr.io mod free

Unlimited entertainment mode

The game mode will be something many people are interested in with a chaotic game like Tankr.io. The single-player mode will be the most popular. Then you need to play alone and show your experience and talent. Use any tank you want to destroy any opponent in the encounter. The rest are more team-based modes such as team battles, capture points… A tank team will consist of 5 people and hold many different roles. Complete the most crucial goal in the mode, so all members are rewarded. When playing with friends, this mode will be much more competitive and fun.

Tankr.io free

Wanted to find something to entertain without creating too much tension or forcing a win. Or you have a group of friends with free time but don’t know what game to play for fun. Tankr.io will bring you and your friends all kinds of experiences and feelings. Work together to defeat the enemy in fun battles. Sometimes creating humorous situations without pressure at all. Tankr.io mod is a game with tanks that are not negative for all ages.

Download Tankr.io MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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