Tap Knight MOD APK 1.1.15 (Unlimited money/God mode/Onehit)

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NameTap Knight APK
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/God mode/Onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Tap Knight mod is a unique role-playing game that you should not miss. When participating, the player will transform into a brave hero boy. With only the sword in his hand, that boy could protect the peace of so many people’s lives. Because of the meaningful values ​​​​that the game brings, everyone gives positive reviews. However, to defeat evil, you need to overcome all challenges. Sometimes it won’t be simple and makes your character hurt. But with determination, everything will return to its correct trajectory. Surely you will defeat the evil force to gain freedom for everyone.

Tap Knight mod apk

Download Tap Knight mod – Start the ultimate war

Although Tap Knight possesses quite simple graphics compared to games of the same genre, that’s not what people pay too much attention to. The game still owns a considerable number of downloads on Google Play. Hundreds of thousands of positive reviews have helped Tap Knight get closer to success. The feeling of first experience here will be nostalgia. But the developer has added many new features that also make the game attractive. The battles between the knights and the demons will be highly realistic. This game is on the offline list to avoid being hindered when experiencing it. So you can fight wherever you want.

Tap Knight mod

If you notice, Tap Knight is a role-playing game suitable for all audiences. The combat details are awe-inspiring and do not affect too much psychology. Therefore, parents can completely trust to entertain their children. The story throughout this game begins in a sacred village. There appeared a legendary hero and five spirits. Everyone teamed up to fight the ferocious dragon. And the result of that effort was that the dragon ran away and disappeared. But in what seemed to be a peaceful time, the dragon returned. However, this time it appeared with a bunch of monsters.

Tap Knight mod android

Dealing with monsters that stand in the way

The boy you control is a fan of superheroes. Even though he is young, he already has great enthusiasm. More specifically, with the help of the villagers, the boy got the legendary sword. This is the primary weapon to be able to face the evil forces. The journey to the evil dragon’s lair will belong. At the same time, you will encounter monsters that appear to hinder this destruction. However, as long as the player uses all his fighting skills, they will soon be destroyed if you are a newcomer, practice to master all the tricks.

Tap Knight mod free

Summoning spirits

It is not enough to use combat experience alone in difficult times. Tap Knight offers eight legendary items for you to use. More specifically, the player can enlist the support of the spirits by summoning them. At that time, fighting boss monsters will become quick. In addition, you can also deal with that fierce dragon. So it’s very high that it’s defeated now!

Tap Knight mod download

Collect many treasures

The journey that you go through will have many scattered gold. Or, after each battle with a monster, the player also receives XP and valuable items. So let’s collect them to increase performance for the next level. You will not have to worry too much when working hard to pick up treasures and valuable items. Instead, downloading the Tap Knight mod becomes a brave hero to destroy giant monsters.

Download Tap Knight MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode/Onehit) for Android

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