Taps to Riches MOD APK 2.97 (Unlimited money)

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NameTaps to Riches APK
PublisherGame Circus LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Build big projects in the city, hold the right to operate here. Taps to Riches is the game for you to have your empire. Any place you want can build large buildings. Invest and create bustling commercial centers. Quickly get rich and growing assets for your business. Initially will give the player an amount of money to accomplish the set goal. To get buildings that are large and have all the amenities. Mine in all open areas to scale up. Become a billionaire with the architectural works that many people dream of.

Taps to Riches mod apk

Start taking steps to implement the luxury centers. Build your city, be a famous investor. A rich life in the middle of the town, that’s what you will get when coming to Taps to Riches. A game with different missions focused on expanding your empire. There are many areas for players to spend money, such as real estate, securities… Do everything to earn high profits and quickly complete the set goals. To be able to achieve that, players need to have intelligent strategies, arrange good jobs. Build houses, develop living areas with projects in The Sims Mobile and The Sims FreePlay.

Download Taps to Riches mod – Build your own city

Have you ever dreamed of having a city of your own? This is undoubtedly the wish of many people. To do that in real life is not easy. However, Taps to Riches will help make it happen. Players will be building and developing for the city. Bring out activities and make the place more bustling and crowded. Forgetting the past is a criminal who commits many crimes. Now, you will be a person of will, doing everything to have your large fortune. Take your business to the next level, do business on a large scale. The gameplay is simple and lets you take on a whole new role – a successful businessman.

Taps to Riches mod android

Business expansion

To earn money, you will need to do business and build new establishments. Grocery stores, restaurants, refreshment shops… Focus on many customers every day. This is the way that will help you to earn big money. As a leader, you also need to know how to multiply that amount even more. Don’t save money, take it away to invest in many other projects. Then, upgrade these models to be more modern and comfortable. Implement many business strategies, have methodical plans. Make a professional system and meet all the needs of each customer. At that time, the business will be known by many people and have an abundant source of income.

Explore in all lands

Take advantage of every piece of land, empty places to build more buildings. Starting with just a few tiny houses, explore the grounds to get loads of buildings. Making this place become crowded, it is a place to focus on trading many different items. Taps to Riches will give players the freedom to do what they want. There are ways to develop for investment areas, perfect for each project to be more perfect. From there, it will be the place for you to withdraw money every day from revenues here. Turn from dry land into a more livable place. Go to these lands and carry out the exploration, building an urban area with luxurious commercial centers.

Taps to Riches mod free

Support from professional advisors

To run a large business takes a lot of workforces. You may not need help at first, you can do everything on your own. However, when there is a thriving business, the work will also be more. At this point, you will need the support of advisors. They will help you solve any problems in the most effective way. All have working experience and high professional skills. With the help of a mentor, the company will also become more prosperous. Concentrate on a quality team, capable of handling all tasks more optimally.

Manage and have your empire, do business with big models. Taps to Riches will lead you to the life of a wealthy and ambitious boss. Upgrade your business and be a billionaire. Download Taps to Riches mod to make money in many ways, expand your business.

Download Taps to Riches MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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