Tasty World MOD APK 1.20.0 (Unlimited money, stars)

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NameTasty World APK
PublisherFood games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, stars
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Tasty World comes to the World of cooking, serving godly guests, and showing off your culinary prowess. In this simulation, you will play the role of a professional chef. Bring expensive menus with a variety of dishes and enjoy with the guests. They may be familiar or unfamiliar faces, but they have a relatively high taste in food. Going by the level increases, the later their requirements increase. Sometimes the service is not timely, and they leave angrily. But that’s okay, and your service level is also upgraded after many challenges.

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Download Tasty World mod – Let’s show off your kitchen skills with a series of challenges

Tasty World is a famous chef game with delicious dishes prepared by yourself. Bake cakes or serve regular drinks. The fastidious guests demanding many words simultaneously, all four guests like that is a bit too much for you. But it is a challenge that you need to overcome and conquer. If you do it successfully, you will earn massive amounts of money to renovate and upgrade your space. Restaurants or cafes all need to be equipped with specialized tools for each different function. Try to serve as many customers as possible to have a chance to own more prominent restaurants. Do what you love and pamper the last guest.

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The areas around the kitchen are constantly renewed thanks to your cooking. Your career is increasingly advancing, life-changing turning points. The service is hard work, but that’s what you love; you are willing to give up the position of an inspector to come to the kitchen. The transition is difficult, but achieving specific achievements and being loved by customers is the happiest thing. Get many rewards to renew your kitchen and shop for more specialized products. Each level up is a new challenge, revolve around your guests and dishes, and the day is over.

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Immerse yourself in the world of food

Your restaurant owns all kinds of dishes from many different countries. Customers can enjoy food from the US to China, from affordable to luxurious. The pancakes are manipulated from raw dough until cooked to taste. Or a cake filled with topping according to the needs of the customer. Savory dishes or desserts will also be added to the regular list. New ideas for daily words will be renewed by leveling up. Gradually, you will add unique dishes to the menu and display them to guests. All choices are served wholeheartedly and quickly.

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Own a great space

A bakery, coffee shop, and even a general restaurant need a new coat. The changes in appearance will attract more customers and increase the attractiveness of working. Constantly replace kitchen utensils, grills, pans, tongs, or whatever. The exterior also needed more glitter than before, and larger restaurants appeared. Look for modern appliances to reduce cooking time and get food out of the oven faster. Your management process will be challenging, not just simply renovating but also comprehensive. Everything needs to be arranged from start to finish, from when the customer shows up to when they leave.

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Customer service

It can be said that this is the most challenging task for you in Tasty World. It is difficult to serve customers because the overload will come to you at any time. Initially, just a guest, increase times to 2 or 3 even more. The following customer arrives for every customer who leaves; sometimes, one returns twice. Many cases can happen but always consider the customer as a god. Love and serve wholeheartedly, so demanding guests will not make it difficult for you. Whether you get rich or not is because of them, so treat them well from the start. Serve in turn in the order of the queue, return the goods in time before they leave without buying anything.

Tasty World explores more than 500 dishes with you, and the menu is continuously improved by level. Control and move quickly with words; just click. Observe which customer needs the item according to the attached energy bar to know precisely. Various dishes come out of the oven, adequately measured and measured so as not to have excess words. Your food may be burnt, be attentive and serve it as quickly as possible. Your food diary every day will thicken and contain many good memories. The culinary adventure will have many unusual experiences you have never had to explore. Download Tasty World mod, meet many customers, and do an excellent job as a professional chef.

Download Tasty World MOD APK (Unlimited money, stars) for Android

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