Team SIX MOD APK 1.2.15 (Unlimited money, points)

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NameTeam SIX APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Does a game that combines classic and modern elements excite you? You must be thinking about which game it is, right? The game in question is called Team SIX mod. This game will take you to aggressive wars. Where players are dedicated and show their military strategy talent. Own combat missions and turn them into tools to help you become a master of command. An army environment with many challenges and strong emphasis will bring great experiences. Join the arena of Team SIX to enjoy the exciting and fierce fighting atmosphere.

Team SIX mod apk

Download Team SIX mod – Thrilling and exciting continental war

Team SIX is a game about military themes. Accordingly, each player will own six combat units. Your mission is to control these combat units to participate in factional battles and win. All the challenges that players have to deal with and face revolve around wars. Under the role of the commander, the player will plan and walk each of his combat units. The ultimate goal is to neutralize the army on the other side of the line. Coordinate actions and enhance support from individual departments. This is not a simple matter. Players need to have specific calculations based on objective and subjective factors.

Team SIX mod

In Team SIX, the distinction between the two armies is identified by color. The army that you hold and lead will be blue. Otherwise, the enemy side will own red. This difference makes it easier for players to identify and control the army and observe the overall progress of the battle. For gamers of the fighting action series, perhaps not much need to be said. You know the importance and the noble task you have to complete. The commanders are always the ones who create the guideline for the whole system. Whether it is a war with an enemy, solidarity and support among members must be promoted.

Team SIX mod free

Complete 28 challenging missions

Talking about the mission section in this game, there will be 28 main missions. These missions will bring your army to different arenas. Anywhere can become a fierce battlefield, from the crowded city to the sea or the mountains. This large-scale war always makes an impression and imprint on the participants. Overcome your opponents to get close to the finish line. It is a process of effort and continuous accumulation of experience. Opportunity for everyone. The rest depends on the intelligence and insight of each player.

Team SIX mod download

Soldiers and Weapons

Soldiers and weapons are the two primary sources of strength for each force. With Team SIX, the soldier system is divided into specific units. Each unit represents a different field. For example, the reconnaissance unit will lead in capturing the situation and terrain. Players will have to take advantage of the strengths of each team and use it for the proper purpose. These units are all equipped with suitable and effective combat weapons. When the commander understands these characteristics well, the system will operate at its most efficient level.

Team SIX mod android

Upgrade the base

Upgrading the base is also a point that you need to pay attention to. This facility will be a place for units to train and strengthen. A solid base will create trust and favorable conditions for their development. You should use the loot collected to serve upgrading activities. Download Team SIX mod to become the leader of an army of soldiers to defeat all opponents.

Download Team SIX MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) for Android

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