TerraGenesis MOD APK 6.35 (Unlimited money/Free resources/High points)

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NameTerraGenesis APK
PublisherTilting Point
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Free resources/High points
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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You are a person who often learns about astronomy and explores planets. Want to go to the vast universe and see the sky from the closest distance. Now you can absolutely do it in TerraGenesis. The game publisher based on the theme of science launched this game. The gameplay is simple, allowing players to enter the planets and nurture in the solar system. The whole universe will be under your control, taking action to let the planets have life. TerraGenesis will bring a whole new experience, starting with bringing life to this entire universe.

TerraGenesis mod dowwnload

Download TerraGenesis – Explore the planets

TerraGenesis brings you closer to the planets on Earth. To go everywhere, protect the Earth, use modern scientific applications. Create miracles for your own planet. Whatever you’ve wanted to do for a long time will be done. Conquer the universe and quickly create life on the planets you want. TerraGenesis will make you a talented astronaut. Exploit resources and make people habitable here. Build a developed world with modern science.

TerraGenesis mod apk

Have you ever thought that you would be able to travel around the universe? Indeed that is just a distant dream, difficult to realize. However, TerraGenesis will help you make it a reality. Learn about many other planets and find life. TerraGenesis will be the place to answer all the questions you have been wondering about for a long time. Is there any different planet where humans can live? Come to TerraGenesis, do research, and come up with new strategies for your own world.

TerraGenesis mod

Choosing and building planet

Starting to play, players will have many choices of planets. TerraGenesis provides 4 planets: Mars, Venus, Moon, Ragnarok. Depending on your desire, you choose your favorite planet. Renovate and gradually build, conquer all the planets. For those who are new to the game, Mars will be the most accessible place for you to do it. The living environment is quite suitable, easily adapted, close to the Earth. Challenges and many new things will be shown on the other planet too. If you’re someone who likes to challenge yourself, give yourself plenty of other options.

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Simple gameplay

Three things that players will need to do are building mining and research. Players will need to learn about issues such as water, oxygen, living conditions… Once you have chosen a planet, you will begin to focus on building. Your time and dedication will be required to complete the construction. The planet can be destroyed at any time if you are not attentive. Exploit new terrains, resources to create life. There should be reasonable and proper exploitation methods so as not to affect the living environment here. Research more recent technologies, apply them for more efficient construction and exploitation.

TerraGenesis mod android

Life on the planet

Players will search for a place that can bring life to people and things. Everything is waiting for you ahead. Exploiting natural resources, building ecosystems. An ecosystem is full of plants, animals, and people. The survival of the creature all depends on you. Just remove one species of creature, other animals will also quickly die. Players will need to have appropriate mining and construction plans. Ensure that all living things and humans can live. Know the use of resources, apply more knowledge about science and technology.

The world is in your hands, everything is up to you to decide. Research and implement reasonable policies, learn new things. Gradually building the whole world, creating a unique living environment. Travel to all regions of the universe, explore more lands. Eliminate all threats from attacks, develop this place to be stronger. Download TerraGenesis mod to explore the vast universe.

Download TerraGenesis MOD APK (Unlimited money/Free resources/High points) for Android

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