Thetan Arena MOD APK 360 (Map hack)

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NameThetan Arena APK
PublisherWolffun Pte Ltd
MOD FeaturesMap hack
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If you have been a game lover since childhood, fighting games are not your choice. In particular, fast-paced fighting games stimulate the aggressive spirit in players’ hearts. The truth is that lightning-fast attacks always satisfy gamers immensely because the opponent will not be able to react in time. What’s more, the fast tempo also saves your time. With little breaks, you can still find matches available at Thetan Arena. The game produced by Wolffun company fully possesses the above advantages. Moreover, Thetan Arena is also an excellent choice for those who love team fighting games.

Thetan Arena mod

Download Thetan Arena mod – Join the competition in the arena

Wolffun had considerable ambition when he came up with the idea of ​​the Thetan Arena. And the fact has proven its success with more than 10 million downloads for this game. Thetan Arena was launched to give users a free PvP MOBA mobile game. More specifically, it is suitable for all ages as well as users. Whether you are just an amateur or a professional gamer looking for a challenge, Thetan Arena is still the right choice. Whether you have little or a lot of time, the experience with Thetan Arena is always great. The competitiveness in this game is fair to all. It doesn’t matter how much you invest.

Thetan Arena apk

The game mode of Thetan Arena is also meticulously designed. More than just an entertainment experience, Thetan Arena wants to deepen your skills. First is a personal skill with a level of sensitivity and insight. Add to that the ability to teamwork with your teammates. Sometimes your ego being too high can get you in trouble. Learn moderation and build the strongest squad with your friends. At Thetan Arena, players have the right to choose their groups of warriors. For example, the tank group has heroes Kongkey, Errant Ghost, and Meiko. Meanwhile, the assassin group possesses Taekon, Serp, and Mary. Each group consists of highly talented male and female fighters.

Thetan Arena mod apk

Diverse game modes

Regarding game modes, Thetan Arena is divided into four groups: Battle Royale, Deathmatch, Super Star, and Tower Destroy. Battle Royale mode has the goal of finding the last person standing. A legendary battle with 42 players will be divided into 21 pairs. Deathmatch is more familiar when you play in four groups and take down other opponents. This is a very traditional PvP mode. Come to Super Star and quickly collect precious superstars before they fall into opponents’ hands. Finally, Tower Destroy mode – a classic MOBA gameplay. Go straight to your opponents and take them down. Each mode has its exciting features. Do not skip any mode.

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Many top skills

For heroes to fight confidently, equip them with powerful skills. The skill store at Thetan Arena includes crazy charge, timer bomb, shield, super rocket, healing turret, bullet volley, invisible, explosive mine, toxic fluid, bubble prison, deadly beam, and black hole. They are divided into three subgroups. The first is a skill used to increase damage for a specific time. The second is a practical skill that causes different states to distract the enemy. The third is the support skill so you can support your allies. In addition to letting the warrior show his knack, combine various skills to increase his strength. It would be best if you also had a reasonable and workable strategy.

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Exchange items at the store

The unique feature that Thetan Arena brings is a very new money-making system. You can earn cryptocurrencies by playing and trading on Thetan Arena itself. Bring NFT items to this game’s crowded marketplace. Many users need the NFT products you own. Their value can range from a few hundred to thousands of USDT. After the sale, you can also buy the items you want. In addition, your achievements are always rewarded with the rewards that Thetan Arena offers. Finally, climb the ladder of fame and claim your prize. Besides, don’t miss special events like extensive campaigns or unlocking collections.

Thetan Arena is a team fighting game that owns a massive love from the gaming community. Fast tempo and beautiful graphics make players happy every time they go onto the stage. All functions and modes are carefully designed to suit all target groups. It would be fun if you and your friends overthrew other teams in this MOBA game. Download Thetan Arena mod and fight for survival.

Download Thetan Arena MOD APK (Map hack) for Android

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