Ticket to Earth APK 1.7.9

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NameTicket to Earth APK
PublisherRobot Circus
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Welcome to Ticket to Earth – the revolutionary strategy role-playing game. The combination with this unique gameplay has attracted many gamers to participate. You will confront the corrupt, protect human life. Quests will be continuously brought to you so that you can show your own abilities. Strictly control the army to come up with intelligent attacks. Quickly destroy all opponents, making them useless. Conquer all challenges and earn valuable prizes.

Ticket to Earth mod

Download Ticket to Earth mod – Fight against corrupt people

The story is about a distant planet, all the rich people have left this place. Powerful forces, but with evil intentions, want to invade this place. They always do everything to destroy life here. The expansion they caused has caused many people to suffer. You will be the hero representing the hero standing up to carry out his mission. Attack on an extended range, accomplishing each set goal. Don’t give any enemies a chance to survive. Save the planet from danger, explore the world of sci-fi with various characters.

Ticket to Earth mod download

Ticket to Earth is an exciting game built around strategy role-playing and puzzle-solving. This is one of the few games brought and created to give players a lot of exciting experiences. Fight with many characters and alien creatures to protect the place. The evil forces on the planet are in control and do not exclude any tricks. They always wanted to destroy this place as soon as possible. The turn-based tactical gameplay offers quite a few challenges that you need to face. Build up offensive energies, causing each enemy to give up their intentions.

Ticket to Earth mod apk

Battle on the chessboard map

The battle is played out on a map arranged like a checkerboard. You will have to take turns collecting items, increasing your strength to join the battle. Initially, the challenges were not too many, easy to overcome. But things will gradually become more difficult as you enter the next matches. The dramatic and thrilling will also create many levels of emotions for players. You need to know how to combine items together to destroy each opponent. Once you have won, you will also have the opportunity to receive many new features for your character. At this point, you can ultimately attack and confront all enemy forces.

Ticket to Earth mod free

System of puzzles

Very few tactical RPGs incorporate puzzle gameplay. Ticket to Earth is an exception that makes many gamers feel surprised. The puzzles in Ticket to Earth are displayed as battles. Players will need to match tiles to gain more energy and fight with enemies. Unleash the character’s power to the right target, quickly overcome all challenges. At the same time, you also need to know how to improve the ability to match new puzzles and bring smart fighting ways. Use your strengths at all times to defeat the evil corrupt.

Ticket to Earth mod android

Various characters

The character system in Ticket to Earth is also worth mentioning. Gather brave, heroic warriors who can fight in all areas. You will be the one to control and arrange each attack position. Navigate the character skillfully, perform the most impressive attack combos. Each mission will continuously be brought to your character to be tested. The designs of each character are also quite unique, bringing many different styles. Build a fighting squad with enough strength and bravery to confront the enemy. Download Ticket to Earth mod fierce alien war.

Download Ticket to Earth APK for Android

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