Tides MOD APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited money)

Updated 10 months ago
NameTides APK
PublisherShallot Games, LLC
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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A new fishing and island survival adventure game called Tides. The game players will go on adventures and live through the islands, relaxing with the game as the music and s, surrounding sounds come to life. The game players explore new places on the island and under the immense sea. Longing for delicious meals by catching the animals and plants here. Develop yourself to the next level through your ability to understand yourself. Go on a mission to survive and explore the deserted island in the Tides simulation game. The scenery is so green and fresh with it, and the character of this Tides player will be driving the ships to the beaches or on the land.

Tides mod apk free

Download Tides mod – Live and explore the sea and islands

There are countless new things ahead of each player’s journey. Get to see something new and different in a world of simulation games. It’s not just about going on adventures and exploring that broadens your horizons, but also a new life skill—fishing for fish and hunting for rare things hiding in the ocean. Gamers can also find valuable items for development. Take those with you on a cruise and drift on the vast beaches. So many novelties and wonders are still waiting for game players themselves as sporadic catches of super high value in this Tides simulation game market.

Tides mod android

Play and relax with the Tides game as soon as you have free time. You are relaxing when seeing more new things with your own eyes. The special always comes from the players themselves when creating their paths. Countless particular locations and game maps expand over time. Take off the pressure, immerse yourself in the natural green space, and catch fish. Easy to play, accessible, and easy to enjoy with Tides simulation fishing game. Create even more new inspiration when participating in the open fishing survival market.

Build a sturdy boat

To move across the sea and the islands, players need to have a sturdy boat full of necessary tools for the journey ahead in this Tides simulation game. Collect and bring back the tools required to build the ship during the trip. Participate in beginner quests and catch to bring in new materials. Grow the boat even higher to make it even easier to move. Add simple puzzle pieces and assemble them into the game player’s ship. Using items to upgrade each part of the boat is gradually possible. The higher the region’s level, the more valuable the vessel is to the player. Use everything you can to create a ship to your liking.

Tides mod

Fishing valuable fish

Participate in fishing game levels to bring home the rarest fish that are hard to find in the vast and wide open sea in this Tides simulation game. The fish will be for players to collect or sell on the market. Enrich yourself and add an expanded collection of super-novel marine fish. The fishing rods are toothed into the sea to pick up the fish on their boat. A variety of fish are brought into the system of the Tides simulation game for players to collect. Pangasius, shark, pincer fish, squid, swordfish, color-changing fish, glow fish, and countless other rare fish in the vast ocean. Each fish will be a different value for the game players to develop their collection.

Tides mod apk

Relax in a beautiful setting

Participating in this Tides game, players can relax and immerse themselves in the vast ocean’s green and new landscape. Imagine yourself being in harmony with the nature built into the game. Relax your mind when a little musical music entirely accompanies the sound. Enjoy everything to the fullest possible when going through a tiring, stressful day. Graphics are built but bring a sense of closeness to the player.

Fishing, sailing on the sea, and passing through new islands in the game. Download Tides mod to explore and explore the islands by sailing on sunny and windy beaches.

Download Tides MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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