Total Party Kill MOD APK 1.0.3 (Unlocked all levels)

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NameTotal Party Kill APK
PublisherAdventure Islands
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all levels
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The entertainment industry is filled with different manufacturers and creators. They have many ideas, sometimes very bold. Thanks to that, we have no shortage of options when we want to find entertainment. Depending on the personality, preference, or situation, the player chooses one game genre or another. Sometimes I just want to find a very fair and straightforward game to entertain. But sometimes, you also put yourself in a challenge with a difficult game. In that case, try Total Party Kill. This is a great game, both in terms of gameplay and message. Indeed many of your neurons must be consumed when participating in that Total Party Kill.

Total Party Kill mod

Download Total Party Kill mod – Conquer the deep dungeon

Total Party Kill’s journey to the game market was not easy. With the differences and the coolness it brings, Total Party Kill has surpassed hundreds, even thousands, of other equally serious competitors. It won in Ludum Dare 43 – the globally famous game development competition. A prominent factor, which can be called the most typical to bring the manufacturer of Adventure Islands and their invention to victory, is the message: “Sacrifice.” In the usual action games, all teammates always stand together to protect each other to reach the destination, right? But Total Party Kill is different. They believe that someone must make sacrifices for someone to come to victory.

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In Total Party Kill, the whole party will set foot and enter a deep and dark dungeon. That place contains countless traps, from floating to sinking, that no one can predict. The task Total Party Kill sets for you is to bring three heroes to the target door. There are 60 levels equivalent to 60 challenges and 60 problems that need you to solve to pass all entries. And what everyone thinks is the most challenging thing in Total Party Kill is sacrificing teammates. You control all three heroes, but they can’t all reach the finish line. At each level, choose a suitable person to leave. It must be someone with a unique ability to help solve puzzles.

Total Party Kill mod apk

Shoot like a ranger

As mentioned, among the three heroes, each possesses a unique skill according to their specialty. First, let’s find out what the rangers can do. In Total Party Kill, the rangers have excellent archery skills. He will use this strength to break through the deep dark dungeon. Overcoming in what way? Rangers must sacrifice knights and mages before they can reach the target door. Specifically, he will shoot his teammates into the wall. Where the pin out is is up to you to adjust. But choose a high and medium spot so the ranger can use them as a stepping stone and then jump up. As sad as that is how the game works.

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Freeze like a mage

Next, let’s talk about the ability that the magician in Total Party Kill will show. In this game, the magician wears a blue outfit with a long hat. He can freeze two of his teammates. And then, the block of ice would be a safe drop for the magician to proceed to the door everyone was waiting for. In particular, if a ranger has shot a teammate, the mage can freeze this person. However, heavy blocks of ice cannot stay on the wall forever. It will fall to the nearest ground. In case there is a mirror hanging in the school, be careful. The reflected beam released by the magician can bounce back and freeze himself.

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Throw like a knight

Finally, about the muscular knight. He wore white iron armor that covered himself from head to toe. However, it didn’t help him escape the ranger’s arrow or the mage’s ice beam. However, the knight is mighty and can throw his teammates far away. With thorny and spiked dimensional maps, he needs to take advantage of his friends to move on. Not only that, but the knight can also throw the block of ice that the magician has closed. The union of ice will be a solid stop for the knight to go to the destination door. In addition, the ranger can also move the block of ice. He will use a bow and arrow and bring it to any point in the room.

Many new players may find Total Party Kill strange and challenging to conquer. However, give it a try because nothing is impossible. Once you have mastered the “Must make sacrifices” rule, you will have a way to go from this door to the other door. Adventure Islands’s manufacturer has released this expansion pack with many attractive features. All classic landscape animations have been reworked for a smoother look. Plus the extremely lively soundtrack of KungFuFurby. Download Total Party Kill mod and conquer the dungeon ranges.

Download Total Party Kill MOD APK (Unlocked all levels) for Android

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