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NameTower Hero APK
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The treasure of defensive strategy games can be said to be the most diverse among the commonly downloaded games. If you are a fan of this genre, don’t miss Tower Hero. This is a tower defense game produced by Block Stack house. Fifty levels are what you need to conquer at Tower Hero. Moreover, it is also divided into three difficulty levels – medium – accessible for us to choose from in the process of challenging ourselves. Will you be able to defend your country against a large army of enemies? Will the defense towers become an invincible shield against bombs and arrows? Indeed we have to try Tower Hero for the answer to appear.

Tower Hero mod

Download Tower Hero mod – Reclaim the stolen kingdom

Tower Hero is the result of a perfect fusion of strategy and action games. This will be the number one tower defense game in your heart. At Tower Hero, players have the freedom to edit the tower map strategy. As long as you achieve the ultimate goal: hold the kingdom and smash the invaders. Arrange your defense towers as a matrix with no way to catch any crooks that fall into it. The buildings are built up and have to be upgraded with high frequency. As a soldier, the defense tower is always ready to fight. So help them get the most appropriate equipment and weapons.

Tower Hero apk

Tower Hero players can destroy opponents in a variety of different combat forms. Because the vast armory, the close towers, and magic are all at your command, use them to keep the kingdom away from slimes and evil skeletons. From the sturdy buildings, you can launch fire to burn enemies or freeze them in the cold. In addition, the archers are ready to give the enemy a rain of sharp arrows. If the slimes and skeletons come too much, you can try a cannon to hit quickly, killing them in one attack. Knowing how to command the army and call for more reinforcements in an emergency, you will surely win soon.

Tower Hero mod apk

Facing evil bosses

Tower Hero has a reunion of illustrious bosses. You will meet more than 50 types of enemies ranging from demons to demons, orcs, trolls, and giants,… They have their peculiarities and fighting abilities. Don’t think lightly of these guys because their power is much greater than we thought. At the beginning of each level, the tower will face hordes of soldiers full of trouble and interference. Only when the game screen is nearing the end will the bosses show up for a life-and-death battle. It could be a Skeleton Mage on a giant slime or a Goblin King riding a mammoth. Instead of being surprised to see your heroes lying at their hands, calm down to strategize to defeat these super-powered bosses.

Tower Hero android

Command powerful heroes

All the people loved and had a desire to restore the kingdom. However, the strength of the commoner is challenging to cope with the monsters and aggressive bosses. Therefore, players need to invite heroes from all over the world to join Tower Hero’s army. You lead the hero, and the hero leads the army. Unity will be a powerful weapon for the other bosses to stop roaming. Let’s take a look at a few heroes who can help you. Fee Archer possesses a deadly shot in an instant. Knight Lancelot again brought a fist of justice to bring down his opponent. Meanwhile, the dragon Smolder created a rain of fireballs that burned all the youkai. So let’s combine heroes into the strongest team.

Tower Hero apk free

Explore many unfamiliar areas

Today’s games always attach and integrate the element of discovery for players to experience. At Hero Tower, you can go through countless fairylands, from deep forests and swamps to ancient cities. Heroes and bosses can fight in the ice-covered land. Sometimes, the burning desert is where they encounter each other. With magic battles, the sky will see it all. And sometimes, war happens in dark dungeons deep underground. Each land, each level will have bosses, as mentioned. But only three real super bosses will come to fight for the kingdom with you, so let’s fight to see what level they are.

Tower Hero’s attractive game mode will soon captivate you. The game has an encyclopedia for you to look up all the valuable data for strategy and enemy combat. Thanks to it, it is not difficult for players to defeat everyone from monsters to bosses and giant bosses. Facing them is no longer fear. Even the game on Tower Hero continues even when you have stopped connecting to the internet. Download Tower Hero mod and join the tower defense.

Download Tower Hero MOD APK (Free Upgrade) for Android

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