Uglyhood MOD APK 1.15.10 (Menu, Damage/Skill)

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NameUglyhood APK
PublisherNdolphin Connect
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Skill
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Uglyhood is a simple jigsaw puzzle that anyone can play with. With the classic match-3 gameplay, nothing is complicated for you, the important thing is that the matches are randomly arranged. Squares of the same color will be merged and connected in a vertical or horizontal row. Because of the flexible nature of each match, you will be able to challenge yourself from many angles. Players should conquer at high levels to challenge themselves. Reaching the top, you start to maintain your form so that every appearance looks cool. Dozens of items are displayed for you to choose from, it will bring mysterious magic, let’s wait and see.

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Download Uglyhood mod – Smash blocks strategically

Similar color blocks appear one after another in Uglyhood, players see a variety of colors. Move on to new plays to get a better sense of this. You will never come across a game screen precisely the same, that only happens when you play the same table over and over, but the arrangement of the diamonds is always different. Players need to destroy those colored blocks immediately to score points. You can win and unlock for the next play every time you succeed. There will be many matches taking place in a row, your task is to follow them. Take all the quizzes in the game, and don’t miss any part.

Uglyhood mod apk

Uglyhood’s popular puzzle genre is too familiar, but there will be a specific difference. Diamonds are round, pointed to one side, or hexagonal. Red, blue, and yellow is the primary colors that are flexibly combined. Players should observe a turn before attempting to decipher any puzzles. Choose to move the diamonds in the most reasonable way to bring back the goal. Playing selectively, with strategy, will still get a lot of advantages. The number of times to change the position of items is limited, don’t waste it. Fit snugly between the turn and the number of diamonds required to collect initially.

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Play the role of a melancholy

Uglyhood created dozens of characters, approached through a variety of stories. Everyone has their personality and abilities, so new combinations are always perfect. Role-playing these young men and women to see the diverse genres of stories. Circumstances are possible, especially when it comes to tactics when deciphering puzzles. Choose a prominent character to accompany you until the journey ends. Through communication, we understand more about the other party, thereby having a different treatment. Every detail is built into a movie with many chapters; daily, the data is piled up.

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Gathering workforce

Instantly summon the key players of this race. Is it a human, an alien, or a mysterious number? Anyone will be admitted to the team if you don’t commit treason. Thanks to the intelligent strategy, the heroes can bring their available effects into fully played-blooded warriors who will stand by and watch as you play puzzles. Attract the admission of those people to make your team strong. Most human resources have worked before you, so they will also pass on the experience. The opponent is terrible, so they can not be indifferent and attack the opponent quickly.

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Expanding possibilities

A player’s level can improve over the years if you’re willing to do so. Uglyhood does not puzzle you too much, but the power you need. Any superpower can be considered if you understand and know how to use its power. The ability to compete with the other team is long, speed it up. A team with such outstanding talent will support you even more. Where your control is, Uglyhood is tasked with going there, predicting possible situations in the future. The ability needs to be upgraded regularly; neglecting it will take longer to return. Actively build your empire first to shine confidently.

Uglyhood is looking forward to match-3 masterpieces with a series of valuable rewards. Simple operation: slide up, down, left, and right on the screen to solve the puzzle. The questions are constantly changing; no duplicates are allowed, so they must be hidden. Unending intense matches will take you to new horizons where there is more inspiration to work. Continuously following the characters’ story is a pity to miss any details. Download Uglyhood mod, the world’s most elaborate strategic puzzle.

Download Uglyhood MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Skill) for Android

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