Vampire Slasher Hero MOD APK 1.2.0 (Unlimited money)

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NameVampire Slasher Hero APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Vampires are commonly known as a force of absolute power. In many stories or movies, vampires often lead in the details of darkness. Therefore, this can be seen as a rather dangerous force for the human world. Well then, surely we should take measures to prevent them, right? Matrix maker will allow you to experience that through Vampire Slasher Hero. The name mobirix must be no stranger to you, right? The company already has dozens of popular games on Google Play. So today, let’s find out if their Vampire Slasher Hero has anything new, especially to attract you.

Vampire Slasher Hero mod

Download Vampire Slasher Hero mod – Transform into a vampire hunter

Vampire Slasher Hero offers a storyline about vampires and warriors. Specifically, the bloodthirsty vampires are hatching an extensive campaign. It is a campaign to rise to world domination. They have turned many people into zombies to command to realize this goal. Nearly half of the human population has become zombies under the influence of vampires. Because of that, humanity was pushed into an unprecedented chaotic situation. Faced with this painful and painful situation, the heroes of the earth decided not to sit idly by. They choose to stand up and transform into vampire hunters. Come help them defeat vampires and monsters.

Vampire Slasher Hero apk

At Vampire Slasher Hero, vampires know how to take advantage of them. They often drag zombies and appear in large waves. You can witness scenes where dozens of vampires, zombies, and heroes fight each other. Vampire Slasher Hero has designed a wheel-shaped control button for players’ convenience. Thanks to that, no matter how chaotic and crowded the game is, you can still move quickly. The leaderboard in this game is also constantly updated to motivate players to try. In addition, it seems that the manufacturer has predicted the spread of this game. So Vampire Slasher Hero has 16 languages for users.

Vampire Slasher Hero mod apk

Create your hero

Heroes in Vampire Slasher Hero can be customized. More specifically, you can create personalized heroes according to your will. The manufacturer has designed 26 available characteristics for the characters to have variety. Players can choose the characteristics they want to perfect a character to their liking. Besides, the heroes’ costumes in each match also help them be more confident. Vampire Slasher Hero brings five different skins to make heroes more attractive. Each hero will have their abilities. However, Vampire Slasher Hero has about 18 magic that can be improved through upgrading.

Vampire Slasher Hero android

Recruit mercenaries

The vampires often bring a huge wave whenever they go to war. Because they have a powerful minions force of zombies, it would be hard to let the heroes fight alone. Vampire Slasher Hero created a squad of mercenaries to solve this problem. Mercenaries will be the ones who support the heroes in each battle. They can help deal with mobs and minions. Thanks to that, the hero can focus on defeating powerful vampire bosses. In total, Vampire Slasher Hero has about 18 mercenaries. You can choose seven types of enhanced equipment below the screen in each match if you need to use more power.

Vampire Slasher Hero apk free

Challenge different modes

The manufacturer has tried creating many game modes in Vampire Slasher Hero. Thanks to that, you will experience many different forms of combat that are both diverse and interesting. The first is stage mode. It includes various quests to showcase the heroes’ talents. The second is the dungeon mode; the deeper you go, the more difficult it becomes. The third is defense mode. There, you will focus on fighting back the enemies deliberately approaching and attracting mercenaries. Fourth is the exploration mode. This is probably the most exciting mode. You can send mercenaries to different locations and win many rewards. Any way is worth a try, right?

Vampire Slasher Hero is a role-playing game suitable for audiences over 12 years old. With a combination of tactical action, this game can tap into your inner talent for strategy. The story of vampires and immortal heroes can perhaps boost your fighting spirit higher every day. Download Vampire Slasher Hero mod and become a vampire hunter now.

Download Vampire Slasher Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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