Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG MOD APK 1.17.176 (Menu/God mode/High damage)

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NameVampire’s Fall: Origins RPG APK
PublisherEarly Morning Studio
CategoryRole playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/High damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG takes you on a journey to save the kingdom. Familiar tactical gameplay, classic RPG style will let you conquer challenges. Go through the hells, go to battle. Confront the enemy, quickly gain victory. Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG will open up many battles for players to face dangers. Be the sole survivor after each war ends. Combining role-playing with alternating actions, Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG has also created a massive attraction for the player community. Develop a strategy to promote the strength of war on all fronts.

Vampires Fall Origins RPG mod free

Download Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG mod – Fierce war against the enemy

Your kingdom began to panic when the king died. At that moment, the WitchMaster appeared and declared himself to be the heir to the new king. Since then, the wars have also begun, step by step against the plots that WitchMaster does. He has brought the entire world into darkness, destroying people’s lives. Taking actions such as destroying residential areas, putting people in danger. This has also prompted the remaining regions to form armies to fight. Stop and deal with the WitchMaster in time, do not let him achieve his goal.

Vampires Fall Origins RPG mod

You will play as a brave warrior, fighting to protect the residential area. Starting from an ordinary soldier with the desire to chase away the evil forces. Players will join with their warriors to eliminate all opponents. Develop many new skills, perform missions to attack enemies. Defend the kingdom and have ways to deal with each opponent. With turn-based combat role-playing gameplay, starting with fierce battles. Go to each location in the world and conquer challenges. The task will also increase gradually through the levels for you to try to face the difficulty.

Vampires Fall Origins RPG mod android

Role-playing action character

Characters that accompany you will perform conquest actions. Based on the player’s controls and start with the challenge. With a detailed display of both appearance and combat skills. Depending on the race, the character will have different strengths. Provided with a unique energy bar to help the warrior fight more fiercely. Perform thorough acrobatics, fierce attacks to make the opponent unstoppable. Lead the warrior to complete each mission, eliminating the enemy from the areas you want. Summon heroes, work together to destroy a large number of enemies.

Vampires Fall Origins RPG mod apk

Battle map

Each level will open for you different maps. In each location, tense confrontations took place. Players will encounter countless opponents in the world, evil bosses. There will also be hidden treasures for you to collect. Monsters will gather in every area and are ready to take your life at any time. Unlock more experience, new skills to get the best attack tactics. Increase the destruction of enemies on all battlefields, not giving them a chance to counterattack. Build hero’s in smart ways, destroy monsters quickly.

Vampires Fall Origins RPG mod download

Choose race

Ranjeni, Nosferatu, Magistrav and Equides will be the races in Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG. Each race will have warriors with different destructive power. Especially Nosferatu with strength and cruelty, this family brings terror, ready to destroy the opponent. Players will be able to choose their own race and start with the war. Customize the character shown with the look you want. Depart with warriors to battle and set out to every location. Face the evil monsters, conquer all the challenges.

Enjoy classic RPG-style game modes, prepare for historical battles. Join the adventure full of adventure, with teammates to destroy the enemy. Use tactics to deal with each enemy. Present on each battlefield, become one of the immortal hero warriors. Download Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG mod to fight against the forces of darkness, explore the vast, mysterious world.

Download Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG MOD APK (Menu/God mode/High damage) for Android

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