Walk Master MOD APK 1.54 (Unlimited money)

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NameWalk Master APK
PublisherTwo Men and a Dog
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Have you ever tried your hand at walking through dangerous sections? Walk Master is the way to help you have that great experience. Accompany the character to move with two sticks through each road. To complete the level, the accuracy requirement is very high. Move forward and constantly face different dangers. The road you go through will not be flat at all, creating many dramatic challenges. Players will control the character, showing the most professional skills through every step. Conquer the roads, become one of the experienced walking masters.

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Download Walk Master mod – Walkthrough treacherous roads

Walk Master is designed with unique gameplay, attracting many gamers in a short launch time. The provided game mode has created new attention and experience for the player community. The character will use two canes to get up and walk, not a typical walking style. Walk Master will also create many obstacles and monsters to hinder the process of moving. To win and reach the finish line safely, is not easy. You need experience and ingenuity in how to move on each road. In addition to dodging obstacles, knowing how to arrange to pass correctly is essential. Take all actions to achieve the goal to the finish line as quickly as possible.

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Two walking canes are a tool that is not too difficult to use. However, it depends entirely on how the player controls. Ingenuity and knowing how to deal with each terrain will create many advantages. Just make a mistake, you will immediately fall down and start over. Walk Master is the place to test walking skills, face many dangerous traps. Pay attention to not be trapped by monsters on the way,  proceed to the next many levels. Take the time to practice so that you can achieve excellent results.

Walk Master mod apk

Learn to walk

Moving in Walk Master is not easy, requiring players to know how to do it. Use two sticks and begin to journey on the roads ahead. Each step will have to be ingenious, going through all obstacles in the road. Keep your balance and don’t let your foot slip while walking, act well during the trip. Choose the most suitable time to walk, do not let the character fall into a bad situation. The calculation, a reasonable time is a way to return to the destination faster. Each game screen will have specific skill requirements, facing all difficulties. Once you’ve mastered how to play, conquering every level is no longer too difficult for you.

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Movement level

The two primary levels offered are Marathon and Speedrun. Each level of play will bring other unexpected developments. For Speedrun, on the road will constantly appear dangerous objects. The player needs to navigate the character to avoid all obstacles in the immediate future. Hundreds of traps are arranged in every position on the road. If you don’t pass quickly, it will collapse immediately. That’s why fast speed is an advantage at this level. When participating in Marathon, players will go through an endless road to get a high score. The deeper you go into the inner passage, the more monsters and traps will appear. Pay careful attention while walking, have the correct move to be the winner. Pass all levels and you have completed your part. Face the unexpected and challenging situations that will unfold.

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Unique characters

The character system in the game is also quite cute, with many diverse characteristics. From appearance to humorous personality also makes gamers enjoy. You can control a pig or a goat as you like. Each character also brings a great experience for gamers. More than 29 characters will be provided for players to choose from at each level. Explore all their possibilities and go further on this exciting walking journey. Collect more favorite characters and train all skills to overcome the game’s requirements. Download Walk Master mod to walk on dangerous roads.

Download Walk Master MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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