Warplanes: Online Combat MOD APK 1.5.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameWarplanes: Online Combat APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Warplanes: Online Combat explodes with the ultimate military plane battles, you will survive in the smoke of bullets. The cross-country planes turn to appear in this world war, you will be the pilot of one of them. Customizing, upgrading, and improving its quality is one of the tasks you must perform. Offer the optimal strategies to push the best power toward the opponent. Modern and classic machines are also available, you can choose whichever style you like. Cooperation from the playing teams is one of the ways to help you quickly finish the match and win.

Warplanes Online Combat mod

Download Warplanes: Online Combat mod – Control flying aircraft in war

The biggest tournaments in the world converge on Warplanes: Online Combat, you can join whenever you want. Continuously fight with opponents to find opportunities for yourself, each time you play, you have a specific time. Techniques to fly a warship will be taught, but the strategy is up to you. The goal is the championship, winning all-new brings good things for you. The loot, the opportunity to advance the aircraft, is only received when you succeed. The collection of airplanes also grows with each day, you also grow more, thanks to that. All the energy you receive is capable of supporting this race.

Warplanes Online Combat mod apk

Time is rushing, you can’t delay any second. Massive missions will reach a specific limit, if you can afford to conquer it, great. The enemy also increases rank for warships day and night, you can’t stand still and watch. Players also plan for the upcoming battles, determined to join forces to overcome every challenge. The pilot who survives to the end will win the prestigious cup. The leaderboard updates continuously after each match, stay tuned to see where you are. Try little by little, raise your rank higher every day. Against AI missions, high-damage plans.

Warplanes Online Combat apk

Collecting airplanes

More than 80 types of aircraft are already in the catalog of Warplanes: Online Combat. Germany, the United States, Japan, and the Soviet Union are all strong countries in terms of warships, which you can conquer. Customize with it, you will be the ultimate look for a battleship. Please give it a new color, and find the best engines to equip. Renovate the machine parts if necessary because the aircraft is damaged a lot after each turn. When you take it to the next level, winning becomes easier. Versions are also changed according to each level, try to conquer it. Ready for the subsequent battles, your plane must stand out.

Warplanes Online Combat android

Realistic map test

Warplanes: Online Combat has invested in visuals through sharp maps. Players experience each situation to feel the sensitivity. The time frame of the day will also change dynamically, including the weather. The natural conditions are portrayed most realistically, the more players will be drawn into the challenge. The layout of each space will also be invested even though the battles only take place in the sky. Explore from above, and see the majestic natural scenery, the mountain rising looks so beautiful. Large fields, vast deserts, or cold snow. All that is real life is experienced in this challenge.

Warplanes Online Combat apk free

Collect military ranks

The battles will take you to new horizons, especially helping to gain experience. War always feels explosive, you will also see this in Warplanes: Online Combat. Military ranks show how high the player’s position is. You will quickly climb up the ladder by accumulating great prizes, and medals are easily conquered. The last person left represents strength, and you are among them. Defeat the enemy in many forms, launching tactics continuously. Players must be able to control the buttons on the plane. When the player is negligent, it is considered to destroy his fate.

Warplanes: Online Combat established a team of professional pilots performing crisis wars. Death is understandable if it happens in this arena, it follows the laws of nature. You must respond to the bullets from the opponent and try to defend. Determination is key to achieving success and receiving many valuable trophies. Only you can push the game’s climax to the top and control it. Hold the glory within reach, don’t miss any rare opportunity. Military aircraft will operate at total capacity if they have the correct control. Download Warplanes: Online Combat mod, and join the fierce military war.

Download Warplanes: Online Combat MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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